Copycat the Cool Way #5

I am so sorry that this was not posted on Friday. I was not home at all on Friday, and I was dealing with Internet connection issues for the rest of the weekend. I have a different issues now. I am finishing school up right now (literally sitting in my last class), so I will no longer have Monday-Friday outfits. I may have a different solution, but it could take some planning. Stay tuned! 

Here we go:

Monday- My sister came up with this little number for me. The sweater is one of my favourites. It makes me so happy!

Jeans-Old Navy
Sweater- Old Navy
Scarf- Old Navy
Jacket- Wal-Mart

Tuesday- I found this outfit via Pinterest, and it worked out really nicely for this day. This thick wool sweater worked out very nicely, as it was a mild day. All I needed was the sweater!

Scarf- Old Navy
Sweater- Roots
Jean- Old Navy
Boots- Wal-Mart

Wednesday- Even now, I am so happy with the way this outfit turned out. It is probably one of my favourite ensembles ever. I found it through Pinterest, but it is on Penny Pincher Fashion.

Blazer- American Eagle
Button-up- Roots
Tank Top- Zellers (when it was open)

Thursday- This outfit was very simple. I love this button up because it’s so loose and comfortable. I found it in GL magazine. The picture is currently not loading. Also, I just woke up from a nap so this is my sleepy look.

Button-up- Old Navy
Sweater- Garage
Jeans- Old Navy

Bonus- Like I said, I have a busy day, so my on Friday outfit is nothing special. So here is my Ashley Spinelli costume from a couples costume party I went to last weekend. I think I nailed it!

Hat- It's actually a Despicable Me hat and
I got it with the movie
Jacket- Smart Set
Dress- Suzy Shier
Socks- Ardene
Boots- Sorel

Nails of the Week- This was a gift to me. It is Urban Outfitters brand, but I don't know if there is a name to it.I loved this nail polish because it was sparkly, but it also had the base colour. 

This was short and sweet. I will not make a habit out of doing these posts in a rush anymore.


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