Very Inspiring Blog Award

Yay yay yay, I got nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award from Marlee at Marlee and You! Now, you can learn even more about me! Pretty exciting isn’t it? The hardest part is gathering all the 15 bloggers to tag. But hey, I got this!

1.       Link the person who nominated you (CHECK)
2.       List and display the rules (CHECK)
3.       Share seven facts about yourself.
4.       Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.

My Seven Facts:
1.       My favourite meal is breakfast. Although I basically only eat milk and cereal, I love the variety of things you can have. I just made myself a Blueberry Breakfast Quesadilla, and it was amazing!
2.       My all time favourite website is HelloGiggles. I have recently taken on the title of a feminist, and this website has been a great way to see that other women share the same views as me.
3.       I’m not a chick-flick kind of girl. James Bond and Indiana Jones are the best. I’m on the last two movies of Harry Potter with my dad.
4.       I try to win people over with my baking.
5.       I’m a people person, and I am energized by being around people. That also means that I am deeply affected by people who are negative.
6.       I used MTV’s Match Machine App and it matched me with the guy my mom is 100% sure I’m meant to be with.
7.       I want to be with a guy that I can jam in the car with. I do it with my sister, and it’s one of my favourite things to do.

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So there you have it! If I nominated you, comment below when you posted it!


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