Monthly Favourites- June 2014

So I realize that I skipped May (find April’s here), but to be honest, nothing really stood out to me anyway. Here we are with June though. It has been a crazy month. I was doing some full-time work for my job, and it was exhausting. If I naps could be an actual favourite, they would be right up there. I did manage to have a lot of fun though. I happened to hang out with some really cool people, and make new connections. I feel very whole. I had some unfortunate family things happen last week, but it ended with the first family wedding, so things evened out. This summer is about to get even better though!

I am lifeguard for the summer, and my summer started today, so things are about to pick up for real. I have no idea what this summer has in store, but I cannot wait to get it all started! My staff is already awesome, and we spent an hour playing games this evening. But I’ll let you know how things turn out. Here are my June favourites.

1.       Favourite Phone App:


And let the judging begin. I am easily addicted to stupid things like this. This month, it has been Family Farm Seaside. But here’s the thing: the people of Facebook can’t openly judge you with this because it is a phone app! Brilliant! It’s also free. Even more brilliant! If you have it/get it, my user code is FBKIFOV. Add me. Seriously. I’m actually admitting that I play this every day, so I may as well get some neighbours while I’m at it.

2.       Favourite Movie:


Oh. My. God. This movie. I’m going to go there and just say it: I can’t even. Because Angelina Jolie. And those cheekbones. And the philosophical nature of the whole thing because I’m an English student and I appreciate things like that. I also really loved the emphasis on female relationships. I think it is so refreshing to see a movie that is not about finding the perfect guy. We don’t have enough of that in Hollywood movies.

3.       Favourite Accessory:

I own this purse and I still can’t get over how cute this bag is. People gush over new crushes; I gush over this new bag. I got it at the most amazing discount store ever, Winners. It is a Betsey Johnson, and once I looked the brand up, I realized that my life is missing the most adorable accessories and clothes that define this brand. And don’t even get me started on the shoes. So to sum this up: I’m in love with this bag.

4.       Favourite Hair Product:

I hate bandwagons. With literature, with products, with clothes. But my sister wanted to try this out and it is in my monthly favourite. My hair is really thin. If I skip a wash, it goes all grease-bomb. I’m talking move over John Travolta, because I own the Greaser thing. I typically use baby powder to fix it up, but then this happened. I started with the Tropical, but I tried the Blush and the Wild, and I love them all. I get amazing results every time, and this will be my summer go-to.

5.       Favourite You-Tube Channel:


I’m starting this new thing this summer. It’s called working out. I kind of hate it. Nevertheless, I’m making this commitment for myself. I have already learned that I don’t like working out to take up more than an hour of my day (half an hour if I’m being honest). But I found this amazing workout channel on YouTube called PopSugar Fitness. The majority of the videos are under 10 minutes, although some are certainly lengthier. I love it though. So far, I really liked The 10 Minute Fat Incinerator Workout and I’m planning to get through all of the videos (including the long ones).

So there are my June favourites! Quite a variety of favourites I suppose. So what’s on your June favourites?


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