Lessons Learned- Summer Edition

I think this summer has been the summer of bad luck for me technology wise. I have had the most problems with my laptop. Currently, it's my charger causing the issues. My charger is frayed. I got a stern talking to about the fact that a frayed charger is a fire hazard. That means my laptop is dead and I have no way to access all the stuff on it. Did I mention that that's where I pre-write my posts? I mentioned before that I will make an effort to really stick to blogging. So I can't just leave you all hanging could I? What this really means is that this post is 100% made up on the spot because I don't have time to form a thoughtful post as originally intended (because I do some serious edits on those). So here are five things that I have learned this summer.

1. Making an actual plan for the day is probably better than making a list.
I start work later in the morning, and sometimes the afternoon. Typically, that means I would sleep until I have to leave. Instead, I have been waking up early to drive my ever so busy sister to her co-op. So I have a few extra hours in my day. I used to spend them wisely. Now, I have sunk into a routine of eating breakfast and then going back to bed for a little nap. That is awful. That also means that my room is a disaster zone because I'm not giving myself the time to clean up. I blame the fact that I used to write a schedule out for myself and I don't do that anymore. I would watch tv until this time, then tidy my room, workout, get ready for the day, and start a project to finish later that night. I have a to-do list, but it's just sitting there. I need to change this.

2. Taking care of myself and having me time does help me function better.
As a continuation of that last point, I have also not scheduled time for myself. I have not been allowing myself to do my nails every week, or spend time looking through magazines. I have noticed that I have lost touch with myself as a result. I am able to focus and stay determined if I take the time to check in with myself and recuperate on the weekends. Also something I need to work on.

3. Giving back to people is the best feeling in the world.
This one seems like a no-brainer, but I have had a couple opportunities to help others and it has only solidified this fact. Last night, I held an impromptu birthday party for a friend because her family is away on her birthday and i didn't want her to miss out. It was so fun (and totally cute because it felt like we were playing house), and I felt really good about giving her a special birthday. And to think we were planning to only hang out! I'm still smiling over how much fun we had.

4. Don't let family fall behind when you get busy.
This is not one I have experiencd, but I have witnessed.This summer is the busiest for my family. Between figuring out a way to get my sister to multiple destinations and me trying to get a vehicle, we haven't exactly been the most in-tune with each other. And I really miss Brianne. My sister and I have opposite schedules and the only time I get to see her is in the morning when I drive her. The big issue with that is that she is grumpy and not up for talking so much. The poor kid is stressed out over how much she is juggling, and she sometimes starts to push the rest of us away when her emotions peak. I can tell that the lack of communication with us has been affecting her, even if she doesn't realize it herself. She could also take a lesson from #2.

5. The biggest strangers can be your closest friends.
Before this summer, I knew two people from my staff. Now, I know everyone. I know that one guy doesn't like cheddar cheese on roast beef sandwich, and one girl is too nice when she plays soccer, and my boss's favourite flavour of Gatorade is the blue kind. I've witnessed our cashier kill flies with his bare hands, and our building attendant being over-dramatic when he takes the garbage out. It's been pretty amazing how quickly you can get to know someone in a matter of three weeks. I feel so comfortable and so at home with my staff. So open yourself up. Get to know the people around you. Remember:strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.

So there are the things I have learned this summer. Some not so good, others fantastic. It has been a great summer so far, and hopefully I will be able to fix what needs to be fixed and the rest of it will continue to flourish.

How is your summer going?


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