Copycat the Cool Way #19

As I promised, this is last week's outfit post. This is usually the point where I reflect on what happened, but last week was a long time ago. I have forgotten all about it. Maybe I just have a bad memory.

Monday- Yes, I actually have a Monday outfit for this last week! I went out to breakfast with a good friend of mine, and I decided to make myself actually look good. Plus, I really wanted to wear this sweater because I mean, it has a zebra on it. There was no inspiration for this outfit, but I loved the way I pulled it together.

Swater- Hudson's Bay Company
Pants- Old Navy

Tuesday- I have to say, these pants are so comfortable. I have been staying at school for an extra four hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get some work done, so I am all about dressing as comfortable as possible. The button up I have is one of my favourite. I'm glad the outfit from karlareed on Instagram had a patterned button up, so I could incorporate it into this outfit. If the weather was a little warmer (as in, not winter), I would have worn my beloved Oxfords as well.

Button up- Old Navy
Pants- Old Navy
Sweater- Roots

Wednesday- Again with the leather vest. I just love this thing. I had a similar outfit to this in December that went undocumented. I got this idea from Pinterest, but the link did not bring me to anything. I hate it when that happens. It was cool to be able to wear the shirt I got from Panorama where I was at the beginning of the year. I would also like to point out that these jeans are clearly not my usual cropped jeans. See why regular pants just don't cut it for me?

Shirt- Panorama
Vest- Smart Set
Jeans- Old Navy

Thursday- Like I said, I'm dressing for comfort. I loved the addition of the belt because it dressed up an otherwise simple outfit. The continued addition of the necklace added a little bit of fancy . I find that the simpler outfits get more compliments. It doesn't take a lot of work to dress well. It's all about the accessories that allow an outfit to be a little bit above the usual drudgery of student life. The post from Polyvore is titled "work style," and with the right colour this outfit could certainly do well in a work environment.

Cardigan- Old Navy
Tank top- Old Navy
Leggings- Garage

Friday- I love this outfit because the sweater was so cozy! I tried to do this outfit from the  J. Crew website a few weeks ago, and it did not work out. However, this scarf worked out even better for the copycat. And it made it even more cozy! My favourite. It was also special because the sweater was my dad's, and he gave it to me during the holidays!

Scarf- Jinger
Sweater- Gift
Jeans- Old Navy

So that was my final week of January, I believe that it was this week that I told someone I never repeat outfits. So far so good in 2015 I'd say!


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