Copycat the Cool Way #20

I feel like this week went by so quickly. And I'm sitting here on Sunday and I'm trying to figure out how the weekend has gone by so slow! I guess this is the February blahs everyone's dealing with. Plus there's the drudgery of getting through the last week of school before reading week. But here we go for this week.

Tuesday- So maybe this is not the most exciting outfit. But I think the baubled scarf speaks for itself. Disclaimer: I did not realize how uneven the sides of the scarf was. Oh well. I love the scarf from Ash & Dans though. This ended up being the perfect outfit for this day because a classroom that's usually freezing was uncomfortably hot. Things work out sometimes.

Scarf- Forever 21
T shirt- Garage
Jeans- Jessica Simpson

Wednesday- So funny story. I put this jacket on in the morning, but then I decided to take a later bus to school. Somewhere between making that decision and leaving the house, I took the jacket off. I genuinely do not remember doing so and once I got to school, I wondered why I had no jacket on. And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I should not have morning classes. I cut the inspiration from a larger picture on Gurl.

Jacket- Smart Set
Sweater- Target
Jeans- Old Navy
Necklace- Old Navy


Thursday- I loved the simplicity of this outfit. But once again, I stuck with my January obsession and went for the nice lipstick. The original outfit from Breakfast at Yurman's called for a leather jacket. That was my vision as well, but I changed my mind when I was picking this out. I thought a nice addition would be a nice, comfy sweater. And who doesn't love wearing flannel shirts?

Scarf- Garage
Button up- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Sweater- Bluenotes

Friday- I got this sweater for Christmas, and I wore it in when I was in an airport. That was a mistake because it was way too warm and I didn't want to take it off because I already had so much to carry. But this look from J's Everyday Fashion was a great way to incorporate a little colour in an otherwise bland outfit. Some people love the all black thing, but it is not something I like. My soul is colourful, and I want my dress to reflect that.

Cardigan- Old Navy
T-Shirt- Target
Jeans- Old Navy
Necklace- Old Navy

I had a great week in the end, and it ended with a night out with some amazing friends. That's about it.  I'm about to start getting really busy with school, so I ned to stay ultra-focused and get stuff done. So far so good!

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