The Terrible Teens

Welcome to March people (February monthly favourites are coming, I promise!)! March is my birthday month, and this year, I will turning 20. And to be honest with you, I cannot wait to be 20. I know this is going to be a huge year based on a multitude of things, but for the most part, I am looking forward to leaving teen years in the past. Although 19 has been a fantastic year based on the past 6 months alone, I am ready to start the adult phase in my life. Why? Because I have been judged by my age too many times. I purposely keep my age withheld when I meet people because I them to know me for my personality. Allow me to explain.

In first year of university, my best friend brought me to a few parties. She is a year older than me and her friends are two years older. I met people, had a good time, and made a few friends. Then came the question “hey Daniella, do you want to come to so-and-so bar this weekend” to which I replied with a very squeaky “I’m underage.” Not a big deal, but a few of those people started to treat me differently. They talked down to me. And this is not the only time it has happened. Without giving details, I’ll mention that I met a guy in December who was 5 years older. I believe he was worried about the age difference and that played a role in his decision to break it off. Which makes sense. All perceptions of my personality and maturity die in the dust once age comes into play.

Why is age a thing? It really is just a number. I know other 19 year olds that act like 8 year olds. I also know 8 year olds with the maturity of a 30 year old. I question this all the time. I’ve always been mature for my age, and that has set me apart in some crazy ways. At what point are relationships acceptable with an age gap? I mean, my parents are 6 years apart! And at what age do people start taking you seriously. I’m tired of being seen as “one of those 19 year olds” because I am not like other 19 year olds! My idea (and possibly fantasy) has been that turning 20 will change that. I’ll keep you posted.

This post was not profound, but I really wanted to express it. After all, as the picture says, age only matters if you're cheese....or wine!


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