Summer Scrapbook Saturday #1

I have not posted in over a week and the explanation is that I got stuck. Last summer, I essentially dropped out of the blog-o-sphere, and I do not want that to happen this summer. So where do I go from here? The outfit posts (last one here) were my weekend vice, but I'm not out and about as much. I wanted to go for the weekly Pinterest Challenge, but I can't make a commitment like that. Then, I started thinking about the next four months and how time with my friends and family is fleeting. So now, as the title suggests, I will be taking more pictures of my everyday life and putting together a weekly collage of my adventures (or mis-adventures). I've seen other bloggers do a weekly Instagram roundup, but this is more personal. It will be perfect for remembering this summer.

(moving from the top left, left to right)

1. My best friend Marlee and I had a wonderful girl's night. We got our Raspberry Swirl drink idea from Julieverse, but we just kind of poured it all in. I do not have much of that Malibu left, and I started with a full bottle! What else are girl's nights for?
2. Quote of the week: "THIS YARD IS LIKE THE WILD FRIKIN' KINGDOM" -my mom. So my mother loves animals. We've had some interesting wildlife turn up in our yard, and we were visited by a pair of ducks this week. This is a picture of my mom chasing ducks.
3. On Tuesday night, a good friend of mine invited me out to karaoke night at a local pub. I've never been to karaoke, and it was a BLAST! I got to reconnect with a friend I have not seen in a while, and I actually sang. Songs of the night: Drops of Jupiter and Love is An Open Door. Brilliant. This picture is a laugh attack Sarah was having when we got back.
4. The necessary greasy breakfast after a night out. Sarah is kind enough to always make us pancakes and hashbrowns after we go out. And she always has juice. Bonus.
5. Friday night, my sister and I convinced my parents to take us bowling. We hadn't done a family activity in a while, and this was so much fun. I think we were the loudest ones there, and I don't even care.
6. I started attempting to work out this week. My sister is all about the healthy stuff, so she wrote out this plan for me. So far......not so good. I worked out three days in a row and couldn't move on the fourth day. Aaaaand I haven't gone back yet, but I will.
7. Well this cannot be a better example of juxtaposition because yes, I had ice cream the week I started working out. Anyway, the night we went bowling, my parents told us the losers buy the ice cream. I have been bowling a few times this year and I am not very good. But for some reason, I got lucky this time. I did NOT lose! And my sister and I beat my parents by two points! It was a great night, and I'm glad that I actually won. My friends will never believe it.

Nail Polish of the Week- I figured as long as I'm doing my nails, I may as well add them in. This is Chinchilly by Essie. I really, really like this colour, and I got a lot of compliments on it. It is a grey neutral tone, but in certain lighting, it has a purple undertone. Very pretty.

In Other News- I don't know if this will be a regular part of this post, but I needed some way to tell you that I made a Facebook page! I figured it was the right time, and now I can get to know some of you a little better. So check it out, give it a like, comment, and feel free to shoot me a message! I also updated all my link underneath my picture on the right sidebar, so get out all my social media if you feel so inclined.

Have a great week everyone!


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