Summer Scrapbook Saturday #7

I'm exhausted. That's all I have to see. I've taken pictures of some specific things, but this week has really been all about work. I've been working and training and running all over the place. I'm the kind of person who really likes to sleep in once a week. The absence is noticeable in my life. Other than that, I took some selfies.

(left to right)

1. My sister graduated on Thursday! Brianne and I made a deal that we never have to go to each other's graduations. But Wednesday night, my parents took her out for a fancy dinner downtown. So we got all dolled up and went out! The food was to die for.

2. I have two weddings to attend this summer, and my mom and I went out to look for a dress. I found the most adorable dress. It's very 50s housewife, but I absolutely love it. I promise to post pictures.

3. This picture makes no sense without explanation. Monday night, there was a huge storm. I ended up sleeping on my sister's floor that night because she's afraid of storms and needed her big sister for comfort.

4. Sunday was father's day! We had a fantastic meal outside, and we gave our dad the gifts. It was a lovely evening for the best man I know.

5. Brianne just finished exams this week, and I had helped her study on Saturday night. We wanted to spend some time together, so I kept her focused and helped her study!

6. Emma is a good friend of mine from work. Friday night, we had an interview for a possible second job. We have made a habit out of going for ice cream and catching up after we do things together. We always have a great time together, and I am so glad we met this year.

7. Promo team finished up on Tuesday. It was a great year, and I had the greatest time. Tuesday night, we celebrated. This is a result of the night. That and face planting into pizza.

Work officially starts this coming Monday, and I am anxious to see what all my hours work out to be. I do not know how busy I am going to be for the next little while.


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