Summer Scrapbok Saturday #8

Apologies for a day late post. Yesterday was crazy, and I was running around all day. You'll hear about it next week. I started work this past week, and I am just feeling tired. I'm doing early mornings (early by my definition), and I have a split shift, and I'm still trying to get out and do things, so my body needs a sleep break.

(moving left to right, top then bottom)

1. There have been so many festivities surrounding my sister's graduation. This is the last one, I swear! Last Saturday, we had a tea party and gave her the presents. She's going into kinesiology this coming fall, and a friend of mine suggested that I buy her a textbook or a book about bones for her. It was great idea, and she absolutely loved it!

2. Sunday night was my Aunt's last night with us. We decided to have a movie night, so we set up downstairs with chips and popcorn and Root Beer. We watched Julie and Julia which is an awesome feel good movie.

3. I started work on Monday. I had to do some preparation for the water aerobics class I teach. So far so good. I'm not into exercising AT ALL, but I am now being forced to do it. I have a short bike ride to work, and I've been biking it twice a day. I'm already feeling stronger.

4. This is my friend Deanna. We eat together, and I love her dearly. We got together for a bit because she left for a month. I'm incredibly sad, but she is doing an exchange and will have an amazing time! And, as she pointed out, I'm leaving for longer.

5. Tuesday night, I went to Sarah's to hang out. Then another friend called to see if I wanted to get coffee. He got to meet Sarah, and I had a great coffee drink.

6. Wednesday was Canada Day. I had plans to go downtown and watch fireworks, but my friend cancelled on me. My mom made a great meals complete with cake and strawberries! It was delicious!

7. I also had plans on Thursday that were cancelled. Instead, I decided to hang out and do a face mask. It ended up being the most relaxing night for me.

8. Friday was a staff party. It was supposed to be a large party, but it ended up being a chill night with the bunch of us drinking on the porch. It was a great night to relax and hang out with my staff members.

I'm not too sure what is in store for this coming week. My goal is to hang out with some friends this week. I'm hoping to be busy. Aaaaaand I really need to clean my room.


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