My Favourite Blogs- 2016

Sorry about the super late post! I actually got homesick last weekend, so I was dealing with some of that personal stuff last week. As for posting this yesterday, I was away for the weekend and forgot my laptop charger. Whoops! I thought I’d share a little bit of a peek into my personal life today. I’ve been blogging and following blogs for just over two years now, and I realize that I have never done something like this before. I’m currently sorting out my email situation (1251 unread emails- yikes!) because I’m the email subscription type of person. As a side note, my emails don’t go unnoticed, and I always reply to emails from real people. Among my hundreds of emails, a few blogs stand out to me as my favourites. On reflection of this, I realize that my tastes have changed and my favourite bloggers have changed. When I first started subscribing, I was looking for outfit inspiration. In the summer, I was looking for blogging tips. Since the beginning, I love a good lifestyle blog. For now, these are my top five favourite blogs.

1.       Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie has a coveted fashion blog. Her inspiration and fashion wisdom has been cited over many platforms. I can’t afford to dress the way she dresses, and my life does not require me to dress extravagantly, but this is how rich me in another life would dress. Her shoes are to die for, and the locations are enviable. I have followed this blog from the beginning, and I never intend to stop.

2.       HelloFashion
I originally followed Christine’s blog because of her outfit styles. I still take inspiration from her. She cut her hair around the time I cut mine, and she has great date ideas for the different seasons. One of the biggest things that keeps me following is because she has the MOST adorable son named Beckham. He’s the coolest little dude I’ve ever seen, and his dimples make me squeal. Is it bad that I follow this blog just to see her son?

3.       College Prep

I would have to say this is my favourite blog to follow. When I say lifestyle blogs are my favourite, this is the prime example. Carly’s posts range from recipes to motivation to checklists to travel to Lily Pulitzer. Her and her boyfriend are also adorable together. I always love reading up on what she has been up to. I think she maintains the perfect lifestyle balance, and I’ve been following this one since the beginning.

4.       The Effortless Chic
Jen Pinkston’s blog is another great one to follow for lifestyle but remains different to the previous blog. She also has an adorable little girl which is clearly one of my soft spots. She has a lot of great outfit posts, home DIYs, drinks, and the everyday life stuff which I love. I think I started following this one in the summer, and I was never hesitant about continuing my following.

5.       Marlee and You
I simply cannot get through a list like this without mentioned my best friend’s blog. Without Marlee, I never would have started blogging in the first place. Her posts are definitely lifestyle, but with a personal flair. They are short and sweet, and her personality really comes across through her blog. It’s interesting to know the person writing because you can hear their voice. This is also the only blog I’m completely up to date on.
It was an interesting process to go through my subscriptions list and check out which blogs I’ve been following since the beginning and how they’ve changed over time. It’s also interesting to see how my own tastes have changed and how that is reflected in my blog subscriptions. Perhaps this is something to revisit in the future.
If you know any (or write any) lifestyle blogs, feel free to leave me a link below. What are your favourite blogs to follow?

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