Since I’ve been back in Canada, I haven’t been travelling. So, since all of my exams have been at the end of the exam period, I took a train to Ottawa to see my best friend. Julia and I have known each other for 19 years this September. She moved to Ottawa in the fall, and I hadn’t seen her since November 11th. It was actually getting to the point where my friends here didn’t think she existed. I was so excited to visit. I could go for only three days, but it was wonderful. Canada’s capital city is stunning, and although I have been there in the past, I never really did the full tour. This time, I got to see it from the perspective of a citizen.

Day One

I’m skipping the first day I got there since we didn’t do much. I had a paper to work on while she finished work, so I sat in a cafe across the street. We had an amazing dinner, and we watched a movie.

Our first actual day together was perfectly us. It was a crummy day so what better to do than to cafe hop? I had a massive paper due that night, so that was my focus. We ended up at five different places, but we managed to do a lot of walking around Ottawa. We check out the Parliament building, and got another couple fantastic meals. It turns out Chipotle is safe for me, so we had some and it was ah-mazing – highly suggested.

Day Two

We finally got to do some exploring. We had an early morning start and did the tour of Parliament. I was checking out some paintings and walked smack-dab into a divider (sorry Justin Trudeau). My favourite part was the Parliamentary Library because it’s a library and it’s gorgeous. We intended to go to the court buildings, but we wandered the opposite way down Bank Street. We had breakfast for lunch (the best) and ended up in The Glebe which is the expensive part of the city. We wandered in and out of the stores before heading back to her house. We were supposed to go to a board game cafe, but it was too full and we were tired, so we watched TV back at the house.

Day Three

The day started off with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich from Red Door (also highly suggest). I even ended up buying another one for my dinner that night on the train. It was so good. We went for a little walk down the river and then through the Governor General’s estate. I couldn’t have chosen an uglier time to be in Ottawa. The garden we walked through was supposed to be a rose garden. Her mom’s boyfriend took us for a drive through Rockcliffe where all the Embassies are. Those homes are so stunning. They kept mentioning that some of the homes were worth more than the country they belong to and I believe it! It was a great drive, and we went to a stunning lookout stop. It was a fantastic way to end my trip.

I think I managed to get all parts of Ottawa in a mere three days. I’m planning on visiting again if I manage to get some time off in the summer. I loved Ottawa. It is so much more accessible compared to where I live, and they have a great lifestyle. Ottawa is similar to LA but not so in-your-face. They have yoga and workout studios everywhere, and everyone is genuinely interested in being healthier. You see people of all shapes and sizes taking a walk around the street and getting active. It is so refreshing. I can see why Julia doesn’t want to come back, so I’m not going to hold it against her for leaving me behind. I can’t wait for my next trip!

Please share any experiences you have in Ottawa below! 


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