Pinterest Challenge - May 2017

I forgot how great Pinterest is. I’ve been seriously neglecting the app on my phone, and I miss doing stuff like this. The silly thing is, all of my Pinterest challenge posts tend to lean towards recipes and such. What can I say? I love food. Maybe I’ll start branching out a little more but no promises.

1.       Eggless Cookie Dough For One

This is as incredible as it sounds. The recipe from Community Table is simple and so good. The title of it sounds very sad. Maybe it is but I won’t judge you. Sometimes, you need a little snack to indulge in. I didn’t change anything about this recipe. It tastes so perfect exactly the way it is. It also tastes like cookie dough but without the fear of salmonella. It’s also quick to make which is a bonus for those cravings.

2.       Banana Apple Muffins

I made these for my sister when she was here. I loved this recipe from J Perry Fitness, but she thought it was too plain. The way she put it, “I like my muffins as actual muffins.” This recipe is meant to be healthy, so there is no sugar in it. My mom also thought the combination of banana and apple was odd. I did not use almond flour because of my allergy, or Himalayan salt (because what?), and I opted for normal butter over “grass fed butter.” I’m trying to be healthy, not precocious. I thought it was a great breakfast, but that was not the overall opinion in my family.

3.       Triple Berry Smoothie

Look how fancy I am with my little kiwi garnish! The Pretty Bee website says this is supposed to be immunity-boosting and can act as a remedy when you’re sick. I simply thought it was delicious. I didn’t follow the recipe perfectly. I used the triple berry mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries from Costco and put in 1 ½ cups of that. I did add the strawberries and kiwi though. I loved this. It was tart and great for first thing in the morning.

4.       Apple Pie Smoothie

I saw an article on The Greatist floating around Pinterest for the five best smoothies, so I decided to try one. This Apple Pie Smoothie sounded ridiculously appealing. Once again, I did not use almond milk, and I couldn’t find any dates to throw in. It tasted delicious all the same. I never thought about blending apples, but it worked out. I would suggest adding more milk though. By the end of the smoothie, it was kind of chunky and difficult to suck up with a straw.

5.       Vanilla Affogato Dessert

I have simplified the title of this from My Recipes. Out of everything on the list, this is absolute best. Since I can’t have gelato, I used vanilla ice cream. Other than that, this is perfect. It tasted so amazing. The only problem is deciding whether to drink it or eat it with a spoon (Marlee and I did a bit of both). This dessert somehow gets better as it melts. It’s perfect for a girl’s night.

I’ve decided I need to start writing these recipes down. I love all the things I’ve been trying, so I need to save them for later!

Let me know if you have tried any of these pins.


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