Monthly Favourites - March 2018

New rule for myself: If the only thing in my “recents” bar in Microsoft Word is lesson plans, I’m in trouble. Exercise patience with me, friends; I’m still trying to get a grip on this “adult” thing – balance and all that. But never mind – it is the end of the month, and what a month it has been! I’ve been teaching my buns off (and learning a lot in the process), discovering new things, and celebrating myself turning 23 (woop woop!). Here is a glimpse into the past month:

1.       My Birthday

Anyone who really knows me knows that birthdays aren’t my thing. I’m not into celebrating, I don’t comment on Facebook for birthdays, and I don’t really tell people. However, I managed to celebrate in the most low-key way. I accidentally told my mentor at work, so they did buy me treats and sing to me (my least favourite part), but I actually liked it because it was simple. That night, I went out for dinner with a few friends where I got a free cocktail and was put on their Instagram page (go follow @juno_lounge). I also watched the Bee Movie for the first time, and I want to know why more people aren’t talking about it! It was the perfect birthday for me.

2.       Oat Milk

So I still have acne. It’s a problem. I hate it, and my face hurts. My mum suggested that I stop drinking cow’s milk since dairy is really bad for you. The only issue with that is my allergy. I am allergic to peanuts, nuts, and soy. That is, essentially, all the other milks out there. I did try coconut milk, but I hated it. Then, I discovered Oat Milk. I am OBSESSED with it. I think it makes everything I make taste better from morning cereal to hot chocolate. I’ve been drinking Oatly, but Morrison’s brand is pretty good too. Also, does anyone know if Oat Milk exists in Canada? Editor's note (it's actually just me adding to this after the fact): The website for Oatly is hilarious, the carton is hilarious, and their Twitter feed is hilarious. They deserve to be supported purely based on their online presence. 

3.       Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

Read above to see my thing about acne. I’m a face mask fiend, and I’m always down to try new ones (even when they look like you’re smearing poo all over your face). However, I haven’t found one that really works to clear up acne – including cult favourites at Lush. Recently, I tried Rosy Cheeks from Lush, and it has been working in a different way. Instead of clearing up my skin, it has soothed what is already on my face. Instead of dealing with painful breakouts and red sores, I can ignore it and pick at it a little less. It’s a lot thicker than most masks I’ve tried, and it’s quite sticky, but it smells like roses. Stay tuned for more of my skin saga I guess.

4.       Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

THIS SHOW IS INCREDIBLE. It plays on every character trope out there, it deals with a lot of serious issues that are relevant in today’s society, and (the best part) it’s set out as a musical. My roommate couldn’t get through the first episode because the main character “is completely crazy,” but the warning is in the title. At this moment in time, the show hasn’t been cancelled or renewed, but I’m really hoping for another season!

5.       Visiting Matt

A few weeks ago, I realised I hadn’t really been out of my house for an extended period of time. This was an issue. I wasn’t feeling particularly happy at the end of the month. So, I visited Matt. I’m still here, and this has been a wonderful trip. His mum and grandma took me to Chesterfield, and there was a little cafĂ© that was completely safe for me to eat at allergy wise (is this post allergy themed or what?). It has been a perfect getaway.

Well there was my March! It was eventful and full of trying new things and I quite enjoyed the big moments. I know it’s the beginning of April, but I haven’t done anything of note yet, so this post still counts.

How was your March? What was your favourite part?



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