Ask and I Will Tell- Liebster Award

Fun fact: I like Mondays because a) I’m totally rested from the weekend, b) I basically have the whole day to myself, and c) my Monday night shifts at work are the best. Anyway, I got nominated for a Liebster award! Shout out to Emily at Pumpkin Emily Smiles! I will give bonus points to anyone who can tell me what “liebster” means and why it has relevance to blogging.

Anyway, things are different this time around. Here we go:

1.       Thank the blogger who nominated you (CHECK).
2.       Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3.       Nominate 11 other followers with less than 500 followers.
4.       Post 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
5.       Tag your nominees and post a comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

So are we clear? Good? Yeah? Okay, these are the questions I need to answer.

1.       What’s your favourite food?
I always feel like this question is so much more complicated than it needs to be. I mean, I have a favourite dessert and candy and salad and that’s all food! But my all-time favourite meal is fettuccine alfredo. My mom makes it for me every year for my birthday. And she makes it the best. It should also be followed by two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate chip icing. Mmmm.

2.       Do you have a favourite singer or band?
Not really. I get waves of favourite songs or albums. I’m currently overplaying Dark Horse by Katy Perry. I also love the album Last Night on Earth by Noah and the Whale because it perfectly describes my life right now. I love that one can connect with music so perfectly.  I recently went to see Walk off the Earth live and they were amazing. So listening to them makes me happy.

3.       What’s your favourite thing to do?
Alone time wise, it would have to be read. With other people wise, it would be skiing. I love skiing. There’s something about it that feels so right to me. I’m at peace and comfortable and I forget about anything else that is happening.

4.       If you could visit any other country, where would you go?
There are a couple places I would love to go. I want to go to England, but I want to go there for school. I’m looking into doing an exchange for third year. But I would absolutely love to go to Italy. I still have some family there, and the coolest thing was when one of my great-uncles or 4th cousin or something contacted me on Facebook. I want to meet them!

5.       In your own country, where would you go?
It’s a tie between east coast and west coast. I went to Newfoundland in high school, and I really loved it there. People are so nice! But I really, really love BC. I would love to live in mountains someday.

6.       What’s your favourite animal?
I’m sorry to say, but I am not a big animal person. I wish I was. But I want to swim with dolphins someday!

7.       If you could take a picture of anything, what would it be?
I would take the perfect panoramic shot. It is so hard to be on top of a mountain and then come back down and explain it to someone. Pictures never do it justice.

8.       If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
My Nonno. He died before I was born, but he sounds like the coolest guy. I could learn so much from him.

9.       What’s your favourite board game?
I don’t know! I love playing board games! I would say a tie between Clue and Scattergories.

10.   If you could draw anything in the world, what or who would it be?
Let’s just take a step back. I would want to be able to draw. Period. I cannot draw for the life of me. Once, I drew rocks and my sister came in and said “awwww, what a cute hedgehog!”

11.   Do you like video games? If you do, what’s your favourite?
I wish I was cool enough to say some tough game. But no, I am all about Just Dance! I have three different versions and I love them all!

That was fun! Here are the people I am nominating:

1.       Vlad Marin at Every little thing
2.       Sian Marie at Sian Marie Beauty Blog
3.       Rebecca Ruhle at Rebecca Ruhle's
4.       Lily and Ella at Grace to Grace
5.       Samantha Thompson at The journey of a camera
6.       Julia Christ at Design Joy
7.       Idara at She Sings Style
8.       Hailey at LikeAFleur
9.       Katharina Me at feather soft
10.   Dani at makeupxjunkie
11.   Ells at marshmallowscoop

And here are my questions for you (I expect long answers. Explain yourselves!):

1.       If you had three magical genie wishes, what would they be?
2.       What is the last thing that took your breath away?
3.       What does your perfect day consist of?
4.       What is the biggest decision you made on impulse?
5.       What is the last thing you read that changed your view on something?
6.       What takes up more time than you can afford?
7.       What is the best formal event you have ever been to?
8.       What is the most embarrassing music/artist/album you listen to?
9.       Describe the last time you were caught doing something embarrassing?
10.   What ticks you off?
11.   What makes you the most emotional?

I did it! To all the people I nominated, let me know when you’re done! I’m very curious to see these answers. 

Coming up very soon will be another book review!


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