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Journal Jump Back

  It is not a secret that I love journaling. It has been something that has kept me going through my entire life. As a result, I have so many journals from over the years. I started reading some of my old journals this past week and laughed at myself. I was pretty much boy obsessed and I’ve never been good at staying on track with my goals. In other words, I haven’t changed that much. I thought it would be fun to share some of my past entries from May 9 th over the years. I’m adding my own comments in, but I’m not changing the punctuation so don’t judge! May 9, 2006 You know the drill. I’m really sorry. Another bad day. You have to admire my directness. May 9, 2007 I’ve noticed that Kullen talks to me all the time ( New boy at school. I was obsessed.) I had a very hot day. We were sweating like crazy when we were skipping (ew).   I went to watch the other skipping to cool off. That turned into a basketball game with Kullen. I lost (obviously) . In gym class, we started

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