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Be Relentless

One of my favourite podcasts is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. She keeps a running list called “Secrets of Adulthood” (full list here) that is full of facts and truths that she knows to be true. I’ve realised that I have one too – be relentless.

When I was going through school, I was relentlessly myself. It left me to be bullied. It left me isolated. It also taught me about who I am as a person. Because I was relentless, I came to self-realisation faster than my peers. I have been, and always will be, utterly, relentlessly myself.
I am relentless with my loyalty to my friends. I will show up for my friends any day and night. I let them know how much I love them. I will push them and support them when they thrive. I will listen and support them when they’re going through a difficult time. I have cultivated the best group of friends anyone could ask for because I have been relentless at being a good friend.
In my profession, you need to be relentless. You need to be relentless with th…

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