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Goals Update - September 2020

I cannot believe how different life is now compared to August. These kinds of posts really show me where my mind is at and how I’m coping with changes. I try to schedule a goals update every six weeks, and it’s a nice time to sit back and reflect on the things I’ve been working on.Now, I’m getting ready to restart my career. I’m working a lot which is making it harder to get things done during the week. I worked seven days in a row last week and ended up taking the weekend off of responsibilities by complete accident (hence no blog post). Really, I found it difficult to keep track of all of my habits. I ended up downloading an app called Done to see if that can help me out. It tells me how many days in a row I’ve been working on things, so I think this will be great for me!
For now, here’s what I’ve been working on.1.JournalingI thought this was going to be the month that I started making a “success” list. Unfortunately, due to my exhaustion of keeping up with work last week, I did no…

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