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Recently Read - August 2020

Wow, is it already the end of August? I suppose you can tell because of the amount of books I've been reading. I was really worried that I wouldn't have much to write about since I've been busier this month, but I guess I did pretty well here!  Alias Grace – Margaret Atwood – 4 Stars         I love Margaret Atwood. I love her style, her characters, and her stories. Add in some false imprisonment and psychological studies, and I’m there. I haven’t read enough Margaret Atwood in my life, so I was thrilled when Alias Grace finally showed up on my library’s eBook selection. I read it instantly.         The inside look at the minds of all the characters is fascinating. Through correspondents, conversations, and inner dialogue, readers get a sense of the different motivations involved for each character as well as their backstory. It also creates excellent dramatic irony when the characters interact with each other. Ultimately, this is a book about the minds of Grace Marks an

Being Gentle

                      I’m not very good at being gentle with myself. In the moments where I (wrongly) feel like I’ve disappointed other people, I am in my head going over every action and word I could have done and said differently. I will spin things out, making me my own villain every time.                 I’ve had myself convinced that I’m a bad friend, I’m a failure as a human being, a sorry excuse for an adult, a terrible teacher, and a daughter to be ashamed of. It is so horrible to see that written down, but I think it actually helps. I am not those things.                 Thoughts like those don’t just go away. It’s not as simple as “think positive” or “just think the opposite.” Sticky notes with mantras on my mirror aren’t going to help me. This is beyond self-care baths and face masks. It’s going to take a lot of work to undo those deeply-rooted beliefs about myself. What I’m working on in therapy is self-compassion. At the moment, I find it difficult to recognize when

Who are your Cheerleaders?

 A conversation you hear a lot is about surrounding yourself with people that will make you better. “You’re a mix of the five people you’re closest to” and “be the least intelligent in the room” are aims we’re told to live by. I have an amazing support system. My parents are incredible, my sister is my favourite person, Matt is my perfect balance, and my closest friends have stuck with me despite moving many times. However, some of the people that have made the biggest difference in my life are ones that I call my cheerleaders. These are the people who don’t play a massive role in your life. They’re on the outside of your inner circle, but you know they’re in your corner no matter what. Let me go through some examples. I’ve been going to my hairdresser for a long time now. She has seen me through some massive stages of my life. She knew me before Matt, she has met friends that are no longer in my life, and she has shared in my joy over starting my career. She knows me so well a