Copycat the Cool Way #2

I admit that I am a little late with this post. Things have been insane school-wise so I haven’t been keeping up to date with all my posts. Or anything for that matter. Plus, I got a new phone and I had to figure out how to get all the pictures from my old phone on to my laptop. Ugh. The following blurb is an imitation of my brain: duibqieufbijenwcijaaiojcfpo wijojndwqioNQIOENFONIONICQNINQ/ what?

Descriptive right? Bear with me, I’m pre-writing a couple posts while I’m focused on blogging. I got you covered.

Monday- Probably my favourite pants ever. They’re super comfy, but it can be tough to style them. I took the inspiration from a picture from a magazine (I think it might have been Glamour). It was also a spring day in Canada (did not last long), so I wanted to keep it cool temperature-wise. I have a blue cardigan that I typically wear instead of the scarf. Also, rainboots. Buy rainboots. They are the best for the icky, slushy, melty weather that is just around the corner! 

The pants and scarf are from Old Navy. The rainboots are Sorel brand from a Columbia store. The shirt is from Target.

Tuesday- I like how put-together this outfit looks. Sadly, the spring feel on Monday was all gone at this point, and we got a large snowfall overnight. I had to dress for the weather, and this sweater is warm. It’s also from a magazine. I know for sure that it is Glamour magazine.

The sweater is from the Bay. The jeans are from Old Navy. I believe the button up is Joe Fresh, but I got it at a thrift store.

Wednesday- This look is of my own creation. However, there was inspiration behind it. I do believe I have mentioned that I am a people watcher. I saw someone on a bus with a wool sweater that had a similar pattern to the one I own. She was wearing a denim vest, but I threw on my jacket (I love my jean jacket). If you’re looking for ideas, street style can be inspirational! This day was blizzard-esque in the morning. My hair gets curly only if it is dampened by rain or snow. So that’s what happened in the morning.

The jacket and pants are from Old Navy. The sweater is from Joe Fresh.

Thursday - Cold once again! I have completely adapted the magazine look into my own look. I believe it is from Seventeen magazine. I love the sweater very much. I was skeptical when I first received it as a gift, but I have learned how to play with it! I need to purchase khaki pants. That is on my list. I will also use any excuse to wear my minion shirt.

As mentioned before, the sweater was a gift. The minion shirt is from Wal-Mart, and the jeans are from Old Navy.

Friday- My dad complimented me on this outfit, so I guess it looked good! It was very simple, but I got the idea from Outside Fashion Catwalk. I just love the title of that blog. I’ll be using her outfits more!

The sweater is from American Eagle. The button up and jeans are from Old Navy.

Nails of the Week- I really liked this colour, and I got a lot of compliments on it, but I found that it chipped easily. I typically do my nails Friday, then add another layer on Tuesdays. But my nails were so chipped that I gave up on Wednesday, snapped a picture, and took it off.  My awkward pointer finger was so bad, that I had to find a way to get it out of the picture. Close enough.

Colour is Respect the World by Nicole by OPI.

There was my week in outfits! Good news winter haters, spring starts on Thursday! Personally, I’m not a fan, but I like spring air the best (more to come on that notion). What are you looking forward to the most about spring? For me, it’s my birthday (next weekend!!!). Comment and let me know what you’re looking forward to!


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