Pinterest Challenge- DIY Knotted T-Shirt Headband

Look at this! Three posts in one week! And guess what! This is going to be a regular thing. I know, good for me. Let me tell you; when I got my weekly Bloglovin’ stats back and it told me I had -1 new followers, that hit a soft spot. I was losing followers per week. My page views are going down, and I’m not getting comments anymore. So I sat down and I figured out exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it. Now I’m just crossing my fingers hoping that I get some support back.

Part of my new thing is these weekly Pinterest challenge posts! I have been looking all over Pinterest (not that that’s the challenge) for new activities or recipes or crafts to try out. And I am not crafty. Despite this fact, I decided to try a craftier activity. I have recently started to reorganize my closet and clothes, so I had a whole bunch of old t-shirts that I didn’t have room for. It’s a little difficult to donate t-shirts with names of people you don’t even talk to on the back. So I took to Pinterest for a solution. I found this idea to make headbands out of the shirts on Sugar Bee Crafts. The result is super cute headbands, and I ended up making a whole bunch. It was a great solution, and it helped me practice my sewing. Also, I made use of this collage thing I found. Clearly. It’s relatively easy to follow and I have step by step pictures for you!

Cutting out the back of your t-shirt.

I used the entire back of my t-shirt. I suggest start with the whole back, right up to the collar as seen here, because you can always cut it shorter after you make the knot.

Making “t-shirt yarn.”

1.      Cut the back of the t-shirt into six strips. The strips can be thick or thin. I started by measuring ¾ in., but I ended up just using my discretion by the end.
2.       Tightly pull the ends of the strips.
3.       The edges of the strip should curl in.

Tying the knot.

1.       Separate the strips into two groups of three and start by putting one group of three strips in a ribbon shape.
2.       Place the other group of three strips in a smiley shape on top of the ribbon shape.
3.       Bring the right part of the ribbon underneath the smiley shape.
4.       Bring the left side of the smiley underneath the loop so you can see it.
5.       Cross the right part of the smiley underneath the piece that is in the middle of the loop.
6.       You should end up with a loopy cross pattern.
7.       Gather all the ends together.
8.       Pull the ends and adjust the knot if necessary.
9.       The final knot should look like this.
*if the pictures or words don’t do it for you, you can find the video tutorial here*

Sewing the loose ends.

1.       The ends of the headband may by uneven.
2.       Snip the ends so they are even.
3.       Grab the adjoining ends of two strips.
4.       Sew the adjoining ends an inch from the end of the headband.
5.       Continue up and down all the rest of strips so all the strips are sewed together.

Connecting the ends.

1.      Sew the ends of the headband together. It does not need to be pretty. Just make sure there is nothing sticking out, and it will actually hold together.
2.       Cut the sleeve off of the t-shirt.
3.       Cut the sleeve so it becomes one large strip.
4.       Cut a chunk of the sleeve large enough to cover the ends of the headband.
5.       Place one edge of the chunk around the back and sew it down.
6.       Wrap the rest of the chunk around the back and sew it all around the edges.
*yes, the t-shirt colour switched, the white one didn’t work out the same way*

And there you have it! I loved this project. It took me about an hour to make a whole headband.  Which means I spent five hours to make all of my headbands. It was just too much fun! You could easily switch up the colours of the strips to make some multi-coloured headbands, or make them patriotic! It did take some time to figure it out. My first attempt was a fail, and way too small for my head! The aftermath was also disastrous. My room was a complete mess. So many scraps all over the place! And I don’t think the t-shirts fuzzies will ever come out of my blanket. I do NOT suggest doing this on a bed.
Remember that you can find all of my Pinterest completed challenges on my board. Please let me know if you make this, and send me a picture of the ones you make!


P.S. Shoutout to my sister Brianne for taking pictures for me! She’s a great photographer, so check her out on Instagram: bri_poloni

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