Pinterest Challenge- Brownie in a Mug

Anyone who has actually been reading this blog knows that I have been obsessed with Pinterest. As it is summer, I no longer scroll through Pinterest on an hourly basis, but that does not mean that I have not been using it to my advantage! I found this pin for a brownie in a mug, and it was only three ingredients, so I was intrigued. I made it almost instantly (Pinterest tells me I pinned it 14 weeks ago at this point), and since then, I have been making over and over to the point where I have the recipe memorized (thank goodness, because my computer does not want to let me get on the site). If chocolate is your thing, then write this recipe down. You will never go back when making an entire batch of brownies is simply too long a process. It is certainly moist and gooey and heavenly.

- 1/4 cup icing sugar
- 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
- 1 egg


1. Use a regular sized mug. Please excuse my Christmas mug, but it is the only size sufficient for this recipe. 
2. Add the icing sugar.
3. Add the cocoa powder (if you're not a fan of extreme chocolatey goodness, then 1 tablespoon works well too).
4. Add the egg.
5. Whisk all the ingredients together until it becomes a gooey mixture.
6. Place in the microwave for 60 seconds.
7. The brownie turns out in a puff.
8. Top with your favourite topping. I have used dark chocolate chips and ice cream, but my favourite by far has been a splash of creme on top. The brownie soaks it all up and it is even more perfect than it already was.

So there you go! Super easy, super quick, and super yummy! I strongly suggest trying it out, so let me know if you do! Remember that you can find all of my Pinterest Challenge completions on my board. Happy brownie making!


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