Copycat the Cool Way #6

One week into school and I’m already not posting when I say I’m going to be posting! In my defence, I was home for approximately two hours tops. It was a long long day of work and training. Also, I forgot to take pictures during the week, so I took them all this morning. But hey, I’m learning (and not just in school)! My outfit posts will be a little shorter this year, but because I have only four days of classes. Unless you want to see my weekly pyjama choice, then I’ll leave my Mondays out!

This week was so odd to me. It was the weirdest feeling to be at school for a full week and NOT for O-Week purposes! But I managed! All my classes are really interesting so far, and I have had a good feeling about this year from the beginning. I have a lot of good outfits planned too! So here is my first week of outfits:

Tuesday- The weirdest thing about this day is that it was half cold and half warm. Or I can just be a normal person and call it humid. My skin was cold, but I was sweating because I had to walk to main campus. The shorts really were a good idea. I took the idea of mixing prints from J's Everyday Fashion. Mixing prints was something I was never all that brave to try out, but I took the shorts out and the blog post came to mind.

Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Old Navy
Flats- Payless

Wednesday- One small fact about me: if it were to rain cats and dogs one day and someone were to get caught in the rain- it would be me. I am always getting caught in the rain and Wednesday was no exception. But hey, I love this outfit. I got the idea from Smart Set’s Spring 2014 Lookbook. I was planning to wear different shoes, but I checked the weather and wore rainboots in anticipation.

Shirt- Smart Set
Tank Top- Smart Set
Pants- Old Navy
Boots- Sorel

Thursday- Remember these pants from my second outfit post? I still love them, and I still find them tricky to style. Lucky for me, Seersucker + Saddles gave me the idea to simply pair the pants with a white button up. So simple, and so classy! I was going to wear my purple Converse shoes, but then I remembered the picture of Oxford shoes from Glamour magazine (photo to the right) that I had pinned up on my outfit board in my room. I love my Oxford shoes, but Canadian seasons aren’t the most reliable, so I find myself scared to wear them and get them ruined. But they are too cute to be in my closet! I put them on, and I am in love! I will most definitely be incorporating them into other outfits.


Friday- The weather was once again getting chilly. My intention with this outfit was to wear it with shorts, but it was too cold! So I used a pair of my favourite jeans. I bought a few kimonos just because they seemed like a good idea, and when I saw the look on Hello Fashion, I knew I had to use it! I am loving kimonos. They dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt look which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid!


This coming week, I have a formal night with the soph team, so I will add a picture of my dress in there (which was only 7.50 by the way!). I will also be doing my nails at some point. I’m already behind in school work, so I have not had time to take some personal time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get things in check tonight, and I’ll have plenty of time to do my own thing tomorrow. I need it!

My favourite outfit of the week was Friday’s because of the kimono. Has a kimono changed an entire outfit for you before?


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