Copycat the Cool Way #7

Some days, you don't realize how tired you are until you have a nap and you just don't wake up for six hours. It has been a long week. I have a lot of catching up to do, and although, today was intended to do half of my work, that did not exactly happen. But I feel like I needed that nice long sleep. In other news, I finally had a chance to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 with my dad. I've already seen it (more than a lot), but I've been itching to get him to watch it. This week was a good one though. I had a wonderful formal night with the soph team, so you get a picture of that!

Tuesday- I just so happened to get this shirt on a major sale, and it is so comfortable! I never really understood the whole wrapping another shirt around your waist thing, but it makes sense-it makes it totally acceptable to wear otherwise not so great looking clothes! I also wore my favourite ever Oxfords again! I got my inspiration from Je M'Appelle Stephani.

 Baseball Shirt- Bootlegger
Plaid Shirt- American Eagle
Leggings- Garage

Wednesday- I think from this week on, I need to dress comfier on Wednesdays. I have a six hour break in between classes, and if I go home or stay at school, I want to be comfortable. I changed into pjs when I got home, then changed again to go back to school. Not so practical is it? I got this outfit idea off of the Smart Set Spring 2014 lookbook.

Blazer- Smart Set
T-Shirt- Roots
Jeans- Old Navy


Thursday- A rushed morning means I rushed this outfit. Therefore, I am not loving it. I quickly attempted my own version of Penny Pincher Fashion's outfit, but it didn't quite get there did it? I plan to do a closer replication a little later on in the year, and I promise I will make it better! I like the idea of wearing the comfy zip up sweaters. I usually wear them only around the house. This sweater I dyed myself for a school trip. It was a white sweater originally, and I made it all my own! I'm glad I got a chance to wear it in public.

Tank top and Jean Jacket- Old Navy
Skirt- H&M

Friday- I just wanted to be comfy. I had thrown this ensemble together just to hang out for a big earlier in the week and my family loved it, so I went with it! My inspiration is from Seventeen Magazine.

Sweater- Bootlegger
Shorts- Joe Fresh

Bonus- I have not dressed up in a long time, so it felt amazing to wear a dress and be with all my good-looking friends. I really truly felt so beautiful, and I got many compliments. One happened to be one of the most attractive boys on the team who happened to say I looked "phenomenal." I'm still smiling!

Dress- Bootlegger

Highlight of my week? Formal night! When was the last time you got to dress up and where were you going?


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