Copycat the Cool Way #8

I think I have a new Saturday routine. Wake up, go to work, go to bed (because napping for 5-6 hours isn't actually a nap anymore), and then wake up and write blog posts. As I write this right now, I  have realized that I have misplaced my list for my monthly favourite post. I know I scribbled it on notes I was taking for a class, but I can't remember which class it was. Whoops. It was also one of those weeks where I forgot to take pictures the day of. So it all happened about half an hour ago. The thing I don't like about it is that you can't see the jewelry I was wearing or for this week, the shoes I was wearing. So I am sorry, and I will try to get better!

Tuesday- I was pretty excited to check the weather and see that it was kind of warm! Unfortunately, in transitional seasons, it is usually cold in the morning and HOT later. So you either get to freeze in the morning, or sweat later in the day. And of course, you have to take classroom temperatures which tend to be the opposite of what you want them to be. This outfit worked really well because I was able to take the cardigan off. I found this outfit through Pinterest, but it originally came from Campus Sartorialist, which is really awesome if you like Street Style posts.

Dress- H&M

Wednesday- This outfit it NOT what I planned. I did something really dumb and I basically poured coffee on myself. Thank God I had already had most of it, but I still ended up liking this outfit a lot. I got the inspiration from Seventeen Magazine. The plaid shirt I used for this outfit was my Grandpa's shirt, and as he has recently passed away, I felt close to him. I decided to wear my Grandma's ring this day too, so I had good feelings all day!

Floral Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Old Navy

Thursday- I loved this outfit. I LOVED this outfit. I. Loved. This. Outfit. It made me feel pretty, and confident, and I actually put my contacts in and makeup on. It was inspired by Seersucker and Saddles which is a blog that will certainly make more appearances here. Her style is fantastic. Some actually told me that my outfits are "always on point," so that felt pretty amazing!

Friday- I originally got this skirt for my an Edwardian themed bridal shower. It has a slit in the side, but it's not uncomfortably sexy. I wasn't sure if I would wear it again because I wasn't sure how to style it. Then I found this outfit on Putting Me Together. It was the answer to my doubts! I liked the simplicity.


I have a tip of the week for you: NEVER HAVE A SLEEPOVER ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. During O-week, I stayed at my friend Nicole's house. She happens to live with all boys. They are amazing, but a girl needs her girls! Sarah and I were around, so we had some lovely girl time. We were talking last week, and we were in some desperate need of more girl time. So Tuesday night happened. And it was amazing. But the pure exhaustion lasted all week. So no more school night sleepovers!


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