Monthly Favourites- September 2014

Here we are again! I am back to my monthly favourites! As un-grammatical as the title is, I love this post. I love sharing the things that I used or did frequently throughout the month. But let me tell you, it was not easy to come up with a fifth one. It wasn't until a week ago where I got addicted. So therefore, it counts.

This month was a ton of fun. It was certainly an odd feeling to be back at school after four months of not having a schedule! So far, only one of my classes is not the best and I'll be done with that in December! I kept saying that I have a good feeling about this year, and if the rest of it goes the way September did, then my feelings will prove me right for sure!

1. Favourite School Tool



Is this not the most adorable planner you have ever seen? It is the Kate Spade "Bella Bookshelf" Agenda Before school, I was at Chapters with a friend, and she told me that she had one of these for the last school year. It was a little pricey, but  I do NOT regret buying it at all. I have never had a planner that actually fit my personality. On the cover of the book, it has an illustration of a bookshelf with all the classic novels included. The sheer look of it wants to make me use it. And it has been working so far! As a side note, Kate Spade stuff is amazing. Just check out the stationary section of the website!
2. Favourite Accessory
This month, I have actually been wearing rings. I am not huge on Jewelry. I hate bracelets, and necklaces are a pain. But this summer, a sale on rings at some store inspired me to start making them a part of my life. And it has been working out swimmingly. I have been buying them whenever I see them on sale, and I am open to any colour, any type, or any style. Cute right?
3. Favourite App

Something happened. I got Twitter. I don't even know why I did. But it has been fun so far. It's another form of social media to browse when I get bored. Which may have been the real reason I got it. . . I already put a bar with my Tweets on the right hand side of this page, but you can also check it out here:

4. Favourite Makeup

I wanted to buy a lip stain for soph formal (check out the full look on this post), and NYC's Smooch Proof 16hr Lip Stain in Champagne Stain worked really well for me! It was bolder than I usually go with my colours, but I loved it! The colour worked really well with my dress, and it actually did stay on! I will most definitely use it again when I go out in the near future.

5. Favourite YouTube Channel

Like I said, I just got into this channel a week ago. I saw a bunch of people on Twitter talking about the Sam Pepper scandal, and that brought me to Laci Green's video explaining the situation. Her passion and drive was evident so I started to watch her other videos. And then I went through a vast majority of them in about two days. She is a feminist, and I love her videos where she shares her opinions. I can appreciate the open discussions about sexuality, because I think more people need to talk about it in a realistic type of way.

That was my month! In October, we have Thanksgiving and Halloween and all the leaves will start to change colour even more, so I am beyond excited for it!

What was your most watched video of September?


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