Copycat the Cool Way #11

First off, I am so glad to see how many people are loving the outfit posts! My hope with starting this was to show you how easy it is to take inspiration from the things you are looking at. Hopefully you have seen it and tried it for yourself! Anyway, I think this week just zipped by! It is midterm time, so I have been rather busy with my studying, but thank goodness that mine are rather spread out. I ended up writing my two toughest ones this week, so I am excited for tonight when I can relax with some good friends! I am loving the fall weather. I am pretty good at handling cool temperatures, so I was able to go out on Thursday and Friday without a jacket - even though people told me I was crazy! Fall is certainly my favourite season for clothing.

Tuesday- This was one of those "it's warm out but all the classrooms are still freezing" days. I managed. The schools really need to fix that. Anyway, it's the return of the leather vest! I love this thing, so it's awesome when I can incorporate it into an outfit. Thank goodness for Penny Pincher Fashion, because she has some great outfit ideas with a leather vest!

Tank- Old Navy
Denim Shirt- Roots
Vest- SmartSet
Skirt- Old Navy

Wednesday- Good thing about this kimono: it looks great, and it dresses thing up. Negative thing: the tassels get caught on EVERYTHING. People, backpacks, handles, chair. I found the picture in Glamour magazine, and it caught my eye because I thought of this kimono, but I never thought to put it on top of a button up. It turned out to be a great look!

Button up- Old Navy
Kimono- Winners
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Sorel

Thursday-  Like I said, I was able to stay outside in chillier weather in just this outfit. Although it is a simple outfit, I love how Hello Fashion made the outfit better by adding cute boots. I love my boots. They're not even hard to walk in!

Shirt- Roots
Jeans- Jessica Simpson at the Bay
Boots- Old Navy

Friday-  I love dresses, and it just becomes so inconvenient to wear them during the winter, so I try to take advantage as much as possible right now. I found this through Pinterest, but it is on Jolie. I loved the layered shirt, and the fact that the combat boots made it look cool overall.

Dress- RW&CO
Denim Shirt- Vinatage from my mom
Boots- Wal-Mart

I can't believe that it is nearly the end of October! But that means Halloween is coming up! I can't wait! Have a great week everyone!


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