Copycat the Cool Way #9

This week marks a huge accomplishment. For the first time since school started, I have caught up on my work! On a day to day basis, I am no longer scrambling to get stuff done, or getting all backed up so that I'm spending my full weekends doing homework. I'll let you in on a little secret . . . I started writing this post on Wednesday simply because I had the time! I already feel fantastic with the workload lightening, but I know that all my classes are about to speed up all at the same time! I shall enjoy this while it lasts.

Tuesday- I found this outfit from a Jessica Simpson clothing ad in Seventeen magazine. I have always loved my sweater, but I find it difficult to find ways to style it. It's obviously not the same type of sweater, so I gave it my own adoption! That's what inspiration is all about!

Sweater- Roots
Shirt- Zellers (when it was open)
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- American Eagle

Wednesday- Want to instantly make an outfit cooler? Leather jacket. I don't get enough chances to wear mine, but I really need to start doing it because I got so many compliments! Even my dad made a comment, so I know that if my dad noticed, then other people did too. I found the picture in a dressing for work article in Glamour magazine. I think I got this outfit down pretty well. I can't do the tucked in shirt thing though. When I saw the photo, I instantly thought of my own jeans because they had similar colouring.

Jacket- Smart Set
Shirt- Aerie
Jeans- Jessica Simpson (The Bay)
Shoes- DKNY

Thursday- So. It was actually hot on Thursday. But once again, I had to deal with the inevitable cold classrooms. This sweater was perfect for the job, and the last time I wore it was my fifth outfit post. I got the idea from Seventeen magazine (is there a theme this week?). I tried to put a collared blouse underneath to get the full picture, but it didn't quite work out. But that's what experimenting is all about!

Dress- Old Navy
Sweater- Old Navy

Friday- I have already talked about my love for  kimonos in my sixth outfit post, so it is natural that another was going to pop up in another post. Once again, the most simple thing just elevated a simple outfit. I got the idea from Coco's Tea Party, mostly because her kimono looks like mine! But I wish I had shoes like hers...

Kimono- Winners
Tank top- Bluenotes
Jeans- Old Navy

I am really enjoying my copycat posts this year! I have been so motivated to dress well, and it makes me feel excited. Taking a little pride in caring for the way you look is certainly not a bad idea! So here's your challenge: try to take on some of the looks that you admire in your style icon. Grab a picture, and make it yours!

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