Monthly Favourites- October 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! I have an observation to start off. I am in charge of Halloween this year, and my mom told me to be ready for the little ones at 5:00. I waited for an hour before anyone showed up! Are kids not going out or are there simply no little kids in my neighbourhood anymore? I don't know, but this is so exciting for me! I am over the moon about how cute all the costumes are. Except, I was so excited about the first group of kids to arrive that I forgot to look at their costumes. Oh well.

October was a good month. I survived midterms, and I did very well on a couple that I didn't think I was going to do well on. For this week, I have been looking forward to dressing up and going out. However, I was lacking creativity this year. I had three costume events to go to, and I wanted three different costumes. One was a redo from the work dodgeball tournament, so I was an army person. Tonight, I ended up as a Christmas Cook (which is my favourite costume so far), and tomorrow, I will be a unicorn. All of my costumes ended up being comfortable, and decently warm (snow is in the forecast for this weekend), so I am proud of myself in the end. But enough about Halloween; here are the things that got my through this month!

1. Favourite Food

The last time I had food on this list was in April, and I considered gum to be food. But this is real food. Here is why I like Hershey's mini chocolate bars so much. This is the only time of year that I can actually eat Hershey's chocolate. Other than Hershey's Kisses, none of the other chocolate is safe for people with peanut/nut allergies. On Halloween, candy is mass distributed to so many kids, and allergies are so common these days that they have to make them safe for these kids. And me. I always go out and buy myself (at least) one box of these things. The awful part of this picture is that I bought both of these boxes within a week. I promise that I shared a majority of the chocolate!

2. Favourite App


Last month, I mentioned that I got Twitter, and I admit that I had Instagram at that point too. But I am not the best at learning how to function new technology things. It took me weeks! Now that I have figured it out, I love it. I don't what it is about people pretending that they are super artistic with their pictures that makes me so happy! At this point, I have only 6 posts, but bear with me. Creativity is not always prime in my mind.

3. Favourite Clothing Item

Old Navy cropped jeans are my life. No joke. I live in these jeans. The deal is that I am short. So cropped jeans are regular sized jeans on me. I've been buying these jeans (which I happen to find on sale every time I go in)  and then getting rid of my other jeans that are two feet taller than I am. Also, the "boyfriend fit" jeans are the best thing that ever happened to me clothes-wise. Cropped jeans + boyfriend fit is the best situation for me. So there we go. I am so a jeans person.

4. Favourite YouTube Genre


I stumbled on this genre because my Sociology prof suggested watching one particular video. Then I ended up on a loop of 1950s instructional videos. Yes, 1950s instructional videos. They are hilarious. As a feminist, some of them do kind of irk me, but for the most part, I just laugh it off. The best channel so far is OldTVTime. Go check it out. I don't have a favourite video yet.

5. Favourite Internet Item


I had no idea how to classify this. But here's the story: you know how you're cleaning and then you want to listen to something that keeps you relatively focused? I find that with music, I stop listening and start thinking about this or that and I get distracted. I can't watch YouTube or TV because you have to actually watch it. Enter podcasts. My favourite YouTuber Grace Helbig started a podcast called Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. It is brilliant. It's hilarious, and entertaining, and I wish it would upload every day. I think the only reason my room is clean is because of this podcast. Unfortunately, it is recent, so I have limited choices. If I can't have Grace, I like to listen to Ear Biscuits with Rhett and Link.

That is all. I am now off to an awesome Halloween party with board games. I love board games.

What was your favourite part of October?


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