Pinterest Challenge- Messy Updo Hairstyle

Here I am with another post for my Pinterest challenge! It was difficult to choose exactly what I wanted to do from my many pins. It is easy for me to do something with food, but I have done so many recipes already. I really need to get into some more crafty things. I've got a couple in mind that are more crafty for those of you who like that type of thing. I ended up settling for something with hair. I have recently had a new interest in doing my hair. That came mostly from my mom and my sister telling me that I need to learn how to style my hair, so I figured it out, and now I'm an avid hair researcher. I don't know.

Anyway, this style was really easy to figure out, and very easy to follow from the VP Fashion blog website.

(starting from the top left and moving left to right ending with the bottom right)
1. Separate your hair into three sections.
2. Twist one section of your hair.
3. Twist the section into a little bun and use bobby pins to secure it - it should be a little messy!
4. Repeat #2 with the next section.
5. Repeat #3 with the next section.
6. Repeat #2 with the next section.
7. Repeat #3 with the next section.
8. (not pictured) Pin down an flyaway hairs.
See? Super easy. My sister and I also figured out different ways to style it to make it look fancy.
I love the way it looks with and without the added accessories. Tip: don't use a tiny bow. It looks silly.
Big shoutout to my sister Brianne! She is always getting roped into taking picture for me, and not always willingly. You can find her on Instagram: @bri_poloni
Have you tried any hairstyles from Pinterest?

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