Copycat the Cool Way #13

This is going to be a lot shorter than most posts. I had my fall study break this week, so I had only two days of school. I did, however, go to another football game today so we're lucky to have three outfits. I just want to mention that it is November 1st. Where I live, it snowed. SNOW! I am a winter person, but only when it is winter. Before winter is not okay. I left the game at halftime because my friend and I couldn't feel our legs. So the outfit I chose did not work out so well. Oh well.

Tuesday- I found this outfit via Pinterest, but it is on the blog That Kind of Woman. I feel like I use this dress too often. I have some crazy awesome dresses, and I think they all need a chance to play outside of the closet. But since it is SNOWING (sense my bitterness?) these days, I can no longer bare my legs. Siiiigh. I loved the colour of the shirt with the dress though. My mom says that she wouldn't have used the belt I chose though. What do you think?

Dress- Old Navy
Denim Shirt- Old Navy
Belt- Jessica Simpson

Wednesday- This is was so simple. I liked the plain shirt from Atlantic-Pacific, but I added a patterned shirt and bold lip to the outfit. It was rather brave of me to wear my sandals. I'm trying to hold on to the fall weather before temperatures start dropping I guess.

Button up- Old Navy
Jean Jacket- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy

Bonus- Like I said, this was too cold. And I was wearing a jacket and a scarf on top of this! I came up with this outfit by myself. It's nothing special, but I love these jeans. The Old Navy cropped jeans are back!

Hat- Roots
Sweater- Bluenotes
Shirt- University Book Store
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Converse

Nails of the Week- This week, I wore Essie's Fair Game. I'm not a huge fan of metallic shades, but I  liked this one compared to others I tried.

And that was my week in outfits! I loved the days I got to spend in my jammies. It's been a good week. That's all!

How's the weather shaping up where you live?


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