Copycat the Cool Way #15

So this week as been wonderful. I finished up an essay, got some surprisingly good marks back, and I visited my old high school to catch up with my old English teachers. I had some fantastic teachers in high school. One helped me realize how I wanted to teach English in high school. The other talked about England so much that I decided that I want to go to there for exchange. One of the reasons I chose my University was because of the exchange program. And I am currently in the process of applying for exchange to go to Leeds in England next year. It's already so exciting!

Despite all that great stuff, the highlight of the week was last night's themed birthday party. I didn't think themed parties were a real thing, but I have been to two already this year. I have three friends that share birthdays in December, and they never get to celebrate it during exam time, so they had it right now. Since it was a triple birthday, the theme was three. My friends and dressed up as baseball players, and we were "Three Strikes You're Out." It was kind of perfect actually. And it was so much fun! I have no pictures of the full costumes, but believe me!

Tuesday- I was so excited to see that the temperature was decent enough for tough-skinned people like me to go outside with just a sweater. However, the temperature did not stay so nice. I have this thing where I love winter, but I don't want it to come around until it's actually winter, so I don't dress for the cold at all as a protest. Needless to say, Mother Nature does not listen. So I went outside in just this shirt and sweater. The outfit came from my own mind, but I was inspired to add a statement necklace from Hello Fashion. I got compliments from people who had never talked to me before, so I think I did something right!

Sweater- Garage
Shirt- Aeropostale
Pants- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy
Necklace- Garage

Wednesday- So I love cozy sweaters. The cable knit thing right now is my form of a winter wonderland heaven.  And the extra big and cozy scarves are getting up there on my list too. I got to wear both with this inspiration from J. Crew.

Scarf- Garage
Sweater- Old Navy
Oxfords- The Bay

Thursday- Both of classes were cancelled this day, but it was the day I went back to my high school, and I was running errands for the costumes. Basically, I wanted to wear a good outfit, but I didn't want to waste one of my looks on a day where I saw minimal people. So in light of #tbt, I decided to  look back on my outfits from the past for ideas. This one came from my second outfit post when I didn't have any system of organization within my posts. I did change the outfit slightly, and I did that top button up. Am I cool yet?
Sweater- Roots
Button up- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Wal-Mart

Friday- I just wanted to wear a sweater. I wanted to be cozy, but I wanted to look good too.  Enter  the statement necklace. I had been admiring the way my favourite YouTuber has been pulling off a plain shirt/sweater and the statement necklace. So I channelled my inner Grace Helbig (pictured to the right)and I went for it. I used inspiration from Atlantic-Pacific for the casual cool look, and it was great to wear a sweater. But let me tell you, when the fire alarm goes off for a drill in the middle of class when it just so happens to be snowing, this is not warm enough. Also, I did not feel like putting my boots on to take the picture.

 So there was my week! I still love the idea of the costume party.
Have you been to any themed parties?

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