The Letter Unsent

Dear “Someone Else,”

              You are a lucky girl. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know how you know him, but you are a lucky girl. You are lucky because his heart belongs to you whether you know it or not. You are lucky because his beautiful words are to be spoken for your ears to hear. You are lucky because his gentleman manner is directed towards you. You are lucky because you have the opportunity to have the man I’ve been dreaming of.

              He likes it when you run your hands through his hair. He says it’s calming. So make sure you caress every hair on his head. He doesn’t like silence. He tries to fill it with humour. So make sure you get to the point where silence is comfortable. He wants to be looked at like he’s your most prized treasure. He giggles if you look at him this way. So make sure he is a treasure to you, because your eyes will bring that feeling across without words.

              The truth is, I think he’s perfect. Don’t hurt him. I’m not jealous, because I had my time with him, no matter how brief. However, it was enough time to realize how special he is. How wonderful he is. He is an opportunity I’m not sure I’m going to get again. I hope you make him happy. He’s the type of guy one marries. If you two are meant to be, then I trust you will appreciate all he is. I missed out because something about you draws him in. And so, you lucky “someone else,” love him the way I would have.

Not the One

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