Copycat the Cool Way #24

Once again, I would like to add a little disclaimer and mention that I may not have much to say about this outfits since I am digging them out of my camera roll. I also started this post when I did last week's, and thank goodness I did, because due to an unfortunate mishap with my laptop, I no longer have immediate access to my pictures and files. I went back to school this week, but this pictures are still old. I'm still adjusting to being back to real life. And the long awaited wine and cheese birthday party was last night! It was a very successful night, and now I have a ton of fancy cheese leftover. I'm in heaven.

Tuesday- I had duo-inspiration on this outfit. The first came from Make it Last (how gorgeous is this woman?). I loved the idea of leather over the knit sweater. But as necklaces have become a thing of mine recently, I added the statement necklace, courtesy of J's Everyday Fashion. I added both pictures, just so you could see where I'm coming from.

Sweater- Old Navy
Jacket- Smart Set
Jeans- Old Navy
Necklace- Aldo

Wednesday- I just looked at the picture from What I Wore up close, and I realized she wore a denim jacket on top of a denim vest. I would get so warm so quick. I did enjoy the simplicity of the polka dot shirt with the jacket and leggings on my part. I definitely wore brown boots with this outfit.

Jacket- Old Navy
Blouse- Forever21
Leggings- Garage

Thursday- Another outfit inspired by J's Everyday Fashion. I loved the salmon blazer idea, but I made do with my red one. I think I got the same effect. I wanted to use my graphic t-shirt underneath it as well to dress it down. I'm rethinking this hairstyle though.

Blazer- Smart Set
T shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy

Friday- I loved this outfit, and I genuinely think I nailed it. Minus the hat. The picture is from Style Estate off a slide called "60 Trendy New Winter Fashion Styles." This person is not from Canada if they call all those outfits winter-worthy. Does no one wear boots? P.S. Recognize those earrings from my February favourites?

Cardigan- Garage
T shirt- Garage
Leggings- Garage
Necklace- Old Navy

Nails of the Week- A co-worker and friend I have not seen for a while came over this week to catch up. She's currently in beauty school and offered to do my nails as a birthday treat! I needed a neutral colour to go with the red and gold party theme tonight, but she added the cool gold accent nail. The neutral is Don't Boss Nova Me Around by OPI, and the gold is Golden Rule by Sally Hansen.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my outfit posts back on track for next week. My laptop situation is deterring me a bit as well. Fingers crossed everything works out!


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