Monthly Favourites- February 2015

I know this is coming to you late, but February went by so fast that it took me longer to figure out what my favourites were! I typically keep a list going, but this one was tricky. February was a good month though. I got spend a few days on a ski trip with my dad while I was on reading week, and I had some good nights out with friends. I also got really into party planning with Marlee, so things were really exciting! I also got some very exciting news (see #2) this month. For me February was more about keeping my eyes on the future.

1. Favourite App


It was back in my October favourites that I mentioned how much I love Instagram. That is even more true nowadays, and that is all thanks to VSCO Cam. At the moment, I have 16 edited pictures all ready for future Instagram use. And I swear not all of them are selfies! This app makes me feel like I have a hint of talent for photography because the editing tools really do work to enhance my pictures in a great way. My sister had suggested it to me after many tests of other apps. I trust her because she has high standards, and I have not been disappointed.

2. Favourite Moment


I had a teacher in grade 9 that spoke about England and schools in England with such passion that it became a dream of mine to go there to study myself. When I applied for universities, I looked for good exchange programs, and that's one of the reasons I chose where I am. In November, I handed in my application, anxiously awaiting for February for the news. And so, as of about two weeks ago, I got my official acceptance into the exchange program. Come this September, I will be going to Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, UK for the entire school year! Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am. I want to leave right now, but I will be patient for my new journey.

3. Favourite Movie


Do you have the one friend you always go to the movies with? My friend and I always choose the most random movies to go to. Some we hate (The Grand Budapest Hotel), some we surprisingly enjoy (Her), and some we laugh our pants off at. The Wedding Ringer fits into the latter category. And if you were a fan of Lost when it was on TV, then you will enjoy the last joke. And Kevin Hart is becoming a new kind of favourite for me!

4. Favourite Accessory

I'm awful about wearing earrings, but I have managed to put these on quite a bit since my mom got them for me for Valentine's Day. These Halo CZ Stud Earrings from Avon are stunning, and they are currently on sale! I found that they opened my entire face up. And when it comes to jewellery, who doesn't love an extra bit of sparkle?

5. Favourite Comfort Item

Apparently, this past February was the coldest February where I live. Not hard to believe at all. The thing is, I do not like wearing socks. I never have. So I have been wearing these Nuk Nuk slippers from Costco to combat the cold floors. They are comfortable and warm and I'm wearing them right now. Enough said.

That's my February! This coming March, I have a lot to do. I have essays due like crazy. I'm finishing this post up as a break from my work. However, the end of the month brings cause for celebration as it is both my birthday, and Marlee's! We are doing one fancy schmancy wine and cheese party like adults, and I could not be more excited for it! I just need to get through the next three weeks...


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