Copycat the Cool Way #26

I had another outfit for this week, but things have just not been going my way in the past half hour. I broke a jar, spilled a vase of flowers (pause to take my wet socks off), and the additional outfit mysteriously disappeared off my phone. I was already in my sweatpants at that point, so I gave up. Let's just say I owe you one. I finished off my classes this week, and as my friend pointed out to me, it was my last class at that school for a year. Weird thought, but I'm still in the high anticipation mode for England. In other news, the outfit posts will become shorter this month, but I intend to carry them out until next month when I will not be going out as much. On another note, the thought of the week is that my hair is getting rather long, but it does not matter because my hair is too thin for length to be substantial. I just wanted to put that out there.

Tuesday- Okay. Here's the thing. This is from someone's Tumblr, but it turns out they switched sites. NOW, they have a redirect link, but they spelled address "adress" and I have an issue with that, so go find them yourself. Anyway, the morning was really nice and then it got cold and I had to pretend I wasn't freezing. Loved the outfit though. I wore it with tan booties just like the picture, so this was a success.

Jacket- Smart Set
T-shirt- Target
Plaid button up- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy

Wednesday- I feel like it's been a while since I've used Seersucker & Saddles as inspiration for an outfit. I have a sweater like the one she's wearing, but I decided to go a different way with one I got for Christmas. Good thing it included the scarf because this shirt is a cowl neck and it goes a little too low for comfort.

Scarf- Garage
Sweater- Bench
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Sears

Nails of the Week- I think spring colours are my favourite when it comes to nail polish. You can go bright or neutral. Play Date by Essie was a fun colour, and it was perfect for Easter!

- Daniella

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