Copycat the Cool Way #27

This has been a week of long study hours. However, it's been great to get out of the house to get my stuff done. I find that living by a schedule that gets me out of the house keeps me motivated. Two exams down, three to go!

Tuesday- I think I need to add a denim dress to my wardrobe. I tried to do the denim shirt, but it just doesn't do the same thing as Stephi LaReine's outfit does it? It was raining when I came home, so I couldn't wear my shoes upstairs, but I wore my favourite Oxfords with it. They make me happy.

Necklace- Aldo
Button up- Old Navy
Leggings- Old Navy

Tuesday- I had a day in the library, and I wanted to be comfy and look good. So thanks to inspiration from Polyvore, I was able to do that. These pants are honestly amazing and more comfortable than they look. But here's the thing: turns out all the carbon copy people are wearing denim jackets these days. I need to rethink one of my favourite jackets for a while.
Jacket- Old Navy
T-Shirt- Roots
Pants- Old Navy
Oxfords- The Bay

Wednesday- And for my second day in the library, I went with some comfortable pants and loose shirt. And my oxfords of course. Because I'm obsessed with them. I had a different plan originally, but it was too Coachella for my taste. I decided to adapt a look from LA Chic and Cool and I liked the look. It was more comfortable than it looks. Since the weather's getting warmer, I'm dusting my sunglasses off!
T-shirt- Garage
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- The Bay
Thursday- This was my own interpretation from WhoWhatWear. Instead of a leather jacket, I opted for a cardigan. I love the flowy cardigan over a simple tank top. Plus, warm weather means sunglasses! This was great for a day of errands and some studying at school. Comfortable, and looks great!

Cardigan- Reitmans
Tank top- Garage
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Old Navy

Nails of the Week- This is a perfect pink. It is Sweet Daisy from the Carrie Underwood line from Nicole by OPI. What a mouthful to say! It was a lot brighter than it looked in the bottle, and I liked it even more!



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