Monthly Favourites- April 2015

April has been a month of accomplishments. I have officially finished half of my undergrad, I stayed sane during exam time, I got over mono, and I sent in my full application for Leeds! Most of the month has been based around exams thought. All of them were spread out, but I officially finished on Tuesday. I was thankful to have a spread out schedule, but boy, was I glad to be done! A spread out schedule is similar to a slow death. Agonizing. But here are my monthly favourites!

1. Favourite School Tool

Binder clips. I have been using these to organize my notes for a few years now. Another good school tip: save your notes. You never know when they could become useful in the future. I got this colourful clips from the dollar store, and I have used them over and over. They are just so handy.

2. Favourite DVD Collection

Apparently, I also loved this last April as well. But alas, here I am again 9 seasons in and loving it once again. This show cannot get old. It always makes me smile. I once went to a friend's apartment, and we had both had a stressful day, so we watched Friends because it is a feel good show. That is all. You cannot go wrong with Friends.

3. Favourite Beauty Product

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat has been amazing to me. I'm the kind of person that just can't wait long enough after painting my nails and they always get ruined. And we cannot forget about the marks your blankets leave after sleeping. This top coat has decreased drying time by a lot. It brings my nails to a tacky texture, so as long as I take it easy, I'm good to go. I love this stuff!

4. Favourite TV Show


If you don't watch Grace Helbig on YoutTube, you need to reconsider your habits. This woman has done so much in a short amount of time. There's a podcast, a movie, a book, and best of all: a TV show! Marlee and I have been getting together weekly to have some girly drinks and watch it. I pretty much live Tweet it every week, so come join me next Friday! Watch The Grace Show Friday nights on E! following The Soup!

5. Favourite Moment

So I chopped my hair off. I had been thinking about this since the end of grade 12, but then I got really serious about it. And so, on the 15th, I just did it. It's the most impulsive thing I have ever done, and I am so happy about it. I have thin hair, so the length was just not working out for me anymore. If your hair is long, it doesn't matter of your hair is thin. I cannot describe how incredible it feels. I needed to do this. It's me, and I cannot wait to really show it off!

For May, I'm looking forward to relaxing, hanging out with some friends, and starting a new part of my job.


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