Summer Scrapbook Saturday #3

Yes, I'm late. We're over it. The way this post looks is that I have been doing nothing but eating all week. And for the most part, that's what I did. All the major events of the week have been centered around food. Remember when I said I was starting to work out? I have dropped that (typical), and maybe I should really consider starting again after a week like this!

 (moving left to right, top to bottom)

1. On Saturday, I walked a dog for the first time in my whole life. This is great because everyone knows I'm afraid of dogs. It is in all of my bio's everywhere. And I did it. It was a significant event in my life.

2. My sister and I spent the night at a family friend's place. We spent hours playing Catchphrase, and it was hilarious. I am now carrying around my personal Catchphrase in my purse just in case some other group of people wants to play it.

3. MMmmmm Sunday morning breakfast. It was amazing. Joan makes us the best breakfasts. And coffee of course.

4. Sunday night, Sarah, Chris, Demi, and I decided to go out for late night apps. Yay for nachos and bruschetta! Except, the boys decided not to eat and we were so peeved at that. But it was the perfect night to sit outside on the patio, and these people make me so happy!

5. Monday night, I hung out with the same group of people. We dropped Chris off at the train station, and Demi, Sarah, and I went out for pizza. There is a small pizza place near my school that has the greatest student deals. I had never been, so they decided to take me. Apparently, they have pictures of their customers on the wall. And my goal before I leave is to get on that wall!

6. Friday night, Sarah came over for a chill girl's night. It was just what the both of us needed. We had a looooooong talk about boys (obviously), and watched a great movie. It was a perfect night.

7. Wednesday night, I went out for coffee with a couple friends. We had the most incredible conversation, and I think I changed my friend's life. It's amazing to have people who can carry on a deep conversation.

8. On Tuesday, I went to Marlee's and we made triple caramel cupcakes. Recipe found here. Boy, these were incredible. We had not baked in a while, so it was great to get back into it with her!

9. Yes, more cupcakes. I've been doing a different part of my job, and someone's birthday was on Thursday. We decided to have a potluck and invite management. It was a lot of fun, and everyone stuck around to eat for a while. I love my job.

10. My Saturday was busy! I have a friend who is getting married in August, and I went to her bridal shower on Saturday! It was outside, and I totally got burned, but it was a lovely afternoon gathering!

Nail Polish of the Week: I really wish I had taken this picture in the daytime in better lighting. And when my nails weren't chipped and messy. This is probably my favourite nail polish so far. It's from the Carrie Underwood line of Nicole by OPI and called Southern Charm. I think it is the perfect neutral for my skin tone. It's been a while since I wish really obsessed with my nails, and this broke the streak!

There was my week! I don't have as many things planned for this week, but maybe some last minute events will pop up!


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