Summer Scrapbook Saturday #6

I can honestly say at this point that all my weeks are blurring together. I took all my pictures this week, but I am having the worst time figuring out what I actually. Which was apparently not a lot. The weekend was fun though!

(left to right)

1. Last Saturday was my sister's birthday! We had celebrated the previous week with the family, but her boyfriend came over to hang out with us. I'm really good friends with him, so we all had great fun. Brianne had a great night as well.

2. Sunday was a staff outing to Canada's Wonderland! I have never had a good time a theme park. My mom is having of heights, my dad gets nauseous after a few rides, and my sister is terrified of roller coasters. I went with high school friends on a band trip once, but they ended up leaving me and took all my stuff. This picture I took was to send a friend to show him how wet it was. The good thing about going to theme parks on a rainy day is that no one else is there. So the wet hair was worth it.

3. I'm still visiting schools for promo team, and we had our first library presentation, and it brought back so many memories from elementary school. It wasn't the best time of my life, but I loved reading, so the library was a good place for me to be.

4. Friday night, I edited my friend's roommate's paper. That may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but it's something I actually enjoy doing. I'm not getting an English major for nothing!

5. Wednesday night, my friend Emma wanted to catch me up on some drama in her life. So of course, McFlurrys were necessary.

6. Thursday, I was tired, but I wanted some me time. I ate some Teddy Grahams, made myself a Bailey's hot chocolate, and watched YouTube videos.

I forgot to take a picture, but I went to see San Andreas on Tuesday with a couple friends. It was a great movie, and I strongly suggest it.

I don't have any significant plans for this upcoming week, but we'll see how things turn out!


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