There's Something You Should Know

My sister is the most important person in my life. We have a weird relationship.

I have grilled cheese every Friday. If we have lunch on a Friday, I’m expecting grilled cheese.
If you make me watch a scary movie, you’ll have to sleep with me for a week, and the light will stay on.
I hate the smell of oranges. If you offer me an orange, I’m probably going to ask you to peel it for me.
I enjoy naps. It is my personal opinion that three naps a day is the perfect amount.
I am pretty much an expert on cheese. I can identity types just by eating them.
I have a happy vein. When I get over-excited, it pops out on my forehead.

It takes a lot to get me truly angry. If I’m angry, you really screwed up.
I was bullied by exclusion in elementary school. As a result, I often feel out of place in social groups.
I’ve been blamed for issues in my household. I often feel guilty for no reason.
I am direct, so I will never beat around the bush. I will call you out, and people don’t like that.
I am highly emotional. My highs are extremely high, and my lows are extremely low.
I am not willing to waste my time. I have no hesitation to cut people out if they don’t treat me well.
I empathetic. Sometimes, I get worn out caring about other people’s problems when they don’t. 

I know the value of good people. If you’re in my life, I will tell you how thankful I am to have you.
I am going to care about you so much. I will show you that as often as I can.
I am an incredibly passionate person. I will go to all ends for something I’m passionate about.
I have a big heart. I will love you completely.
I give everything I have to everything I do. I’m not content with less than 100%.
I live my life without regrets. I choose to learn from everything I do.
I surround myself with the best possible people. I want to be uplifted and do that same for them.

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