Monthly Favourites- August 2015

Here's something I learned about myself: If I'm not in school, I'm taking a vacation from literally everything. I find it so hard to keep track of writing and posting. But at least I kept track of my monthly favourites. I'm really not too sure where I see this blog going this year seeing as I'm moving to England in about a week, but I'll keep you posted. Anyway, here was my month:

1. Smartfood

I don't know why, but I have been just craving Smartfood all month. I promise, I do share it with others. At the same time, I also admit that a majority of work lunches have been comprised of Smartfood and some kind of fruit. I mean, I love cheese. We all know that about me. So it's natural that cheesy popcorn is one of my favourite snacks.



This is an app that has saved my life. I can't remember where I heard about this, but I know I got it off of a blog. I am one of those people that likes making lists. I feel good about crossing things off on lists. This app is exactly that. It has helped me time and time again when it comes to prioritizing. I can add reminders, rearrange the lists, and schedule activities months in advance. When you have completed a task, you cross the list off and it actually crosses off. It's brilliant. I used this during school for a while, deleted it, then got it back this summer when I realized I needed some serious help. It is now crunch time for my exchange, and I have been using it like crazy to get everything sorted out.

3. Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub

I mentioned last month that I has some serious dry skin. This has been a combat for it. Ocean Salt from Lush smells divine, and works like a charm. I am using it every day, and things have been working out great. I have been pairing it with Vanilla Dee-Light, but don't get excited because it is no longer being sold. Every time I go in there, they ask me if I'm sad that it's discontinued, and I'm honestly thinking "yes, now can you please stop reminding me about my heartbreak?" The thing is, it is so hard to find a moisturizer that is both light and nut free. Hopefully Ocean Salt will stick around for a while.
4. Starbucks Rewards
I have an addiction. And it's not even to Starbucks. It is to the Starbucks rewards program. Every time you make a purchase with your registered card, you get a gold star. When you get to 30 stars, you get a gold card. It's the ultimate incentive. I have become obsessed. My goal is to make it to 30 stars before I leave. And it's actually completely possible.
5. Pandora
This one is embarrassing. I have a Pandora bracelet, and it is gorgeous. I've had a lot of life events, so it's pretty full at this point. But that's not why it's a monthly favourite. I work in the sun six out of seven days a week, and I wear a watch. And tan. Major watch tan. I have been wearing my bracelet to disguise it. I say disguise because it doesn't really cover it up, but it hides it enough so people aren't blinded by the white line on my wrist. Lifeguard problems....
I'm not too sure what my favourites say about the kind of month I had. However, I am looking forward to this coming month. Life is about to change in a major way, and I cannot be more ready. But this summer has been the best summer yet. I've been very social, made new friends, connected with old ones, and loved it all the way through. How was your summer?

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