An Open Letter to the Ones Who Missed Out

Dear Ones­­­ Who Missed Out,
              You have crushed me. You have made me feel completely worthless. You have made me feel like I was never meant to be happy. You have made me cry countless times. You have made me stay in my bed at night cradling my broken heart. You have made me think that I’m not good enough. You have convinced me that I’m not pretty enough. You have made me feel like no one would ever want to fight for me. You have made me think you were the best I was going to get. You made me believe that you were the only one I deserved. But the thing is, you were so wrong to do that.

              I am none of that, but I want to thank you. In crushing me, you helped me build myself back up with experience. In making me unhappy, you helped me find happiness within myself. In making me cry, you helped me grow stronger. In cradling my broken heart, I have restructured it so others like you will never hurt it again. In making me think I’m not good enough, you’ve made me realize my own worth. In making me feel like I’m not pretty, I’ve learned to appreciate my flaws. In not fighting for me, I learned to fight for myself. I now realize you were never the best for me. I now know I deserve so much more than the likes of you. I am happier without you. So thank you. Because of you, I have become a better person. Because of you, it made me ready for someone I do deserve.

              You have missed out. I would never hesitate to show my appreciation for someone I would have cared about. I would do whatever I could to make you happy. I would have listened to everything you said and remembered the littlest details. I would have taken the time to be a part of your interests. I would have been so proud of your accomplishments. I would have accepted all parts of you. Someone else is lucky enough to be in this position now. Someone else saw what you didn’t. Someone else appreciates everything I am. And so, I am proud to say that YOU are the one suffering the loss.

The One that Got Away

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