The Perfect Holiday Movie Checklist

Well friends, Christmas has passed, and I'm going to be honest: I was not in the Christmas spirit whatsoever. It has been difficult to be away from my family and friends. I missed out on treasured traditions and family time. Most people would have been rushing around to do their shopping and probably ranting about their encounters on Facebook. This time of year, it is of the utmost importance to take the time to relax and watch the adored Christmas movies. For me, it was a good reminder of the Christmas season and the bustle around it. The people at Casper have created my perfect Christmas movie list as an incentive to stay in bed and relax. You don't need to ask me twice! Also, so be sure to check out their Twitter page. You won't regret it - it's highly humorous.
1. An Outrageously Comfortable Mattress
Let me tell you, a comfortable mattress is an amazing thing to find. I miss my bed from home. It has the best mattress. My bed in my university accommodation is a solid okay. I have slept in a few different beds in my time here, and I've realized just how important it is to have a comfortable mattress. Better mattress, better sleep. If you're going to be spending time in bed for a movie night, you want the ideal mattress that puts you in the mood to cuddle up and let all your stresses go.

2. The Perfect Pile of Pillows
The picture below includes the quilt my mom made me for England. She finished it in the airport the day I was leaving. When I got to England, I bought myself to comfiest pillows I could buy. On movie nights, I make myself a nest with piles of pillows and my quilt. Similar to the mattress, this element of a movie night tends to put you in the mood to cuddle up and relax.

3. Holiday PJs
A family tradition we have is Christmas PJs every year. I have so many collected from over the years. This year, my mom bought me some anyway. I, however, chose to curl up in my onesie because nothing beats the comfort of a onesie. It always reminds me of a big hug and makes me feel extra cozy. However, it's always a little odd to walk about the flat in a onesie for the first time.

4. Cocoa
I love hot chocolate. I would say it's one of my favourite parts of winter, but I genuinely drink it all year. It always feels so good when it warms your belly, and it's different than coffee or tea. It purely feels like an indulgence. I'm guessing if you like hot chocolate, you don't mind sugar. If you don't mind extra sugar and like candy canes, then I have the trick for you. HOT CHOCOLATE HACK: put a candy cane in your hot chocolate. Let it melt and you have made yourself a mint hot chocolate. It's one of the best things I have made myself.

5. A Big Plate of Cookies
Usually, I set myself up with a plate of cookies to snack on. At home, we made at least five different types of cookies. This year, I made two batches of fudge for a meet-the-family situation. The night before I left for my Christmas destination, I brought some of the extra fudge into my room and had a lovely evening snacking on my homemade fudge. I missed the cookies, but the fudge was incredible.

6. The Polar Express
The Polar Express is my all time favourite holiday movie. I started watching it every Christmas Eve by myself when my family was napping before Christmas mass. I love everything about it. The music gives me goosebumps, the animation is fabulous, and the plot is entirely feel-good. I missed out on watching it this year and watched the third Star Wars instead (Christmas-y, I know), but nonetheless, this is my favourite film.

So there it is: my holiday movie night essentials. If I could have one more addition, it would be someone to cuddle with. As someone wise once said "winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle."

What makes a perfect holiday movie night for you?


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