Monthly Favourites- February 2016

I don’t know about you, but it feels like February has flown by! I can’t say it’s been a busy month; it’s more like a month of sinking back into routine. Last month, I was so ready to get back to school. It’s been great so far. I’m loving my classes, and I’m doing well with keeping on top of readings. I went to watch The Superbowl with friends (we didn’t make it to halftime), took control of my own body, and I’ve made myself a solid group of friends. I’m really happy. Here’s what got me through the month:

1.       NetGalley
I’m sure you can tell based on the sheer amount of book reviews I’ve been posting, but I have been reading quite a lot. This is all thanks to NetGalley. I have been a member of the site for over a year, but I never really got into it until now. At home, I have an extensive bookshelf, but I couldn’t bring that to the UK with me. I turned to NetGalley, and I have been rewarded. As a member, I request book titles and get a free e-book. In exchange, I have to post a review on the book on here or other places. I have 18 titles to be read at the moment, and although I’ve slowed my reading down since school started, there’s no way I’ll be letting this slide.

2.       Cosmetic Warrior
What I really should have done is taken before and after pictures to make my point here but oh well. This face mask is amazing. I started to get blotchy breakouts this month, so I decided to combat it. It has tea tree oil, garlic, and honey as ingredients and they all work to cut down the trouble spots. After about three weeks, I started to see a difference. I’ve been putting it on every day right when I get home, so it’s also a good mental relaxation period for me. I’ve already bought two, and I’m going to be buying a third this week.

3.       Lemony Flutter
Of course I have another Lush product on here. I went in to ask about a product for my feet, and I was offered a nice hand massage and array of products. The issue with my feet is that they are so dry and cracked and awful. The kind guy working with me says that although this is a cuticle cream, it will also work to soften my feet. My major issues with products in the past is that it will work temporarily, but I would have to use lotion every day to get the full effect. With this product, I can skip a couple days, and my feet still look great! I still give them a good scrub down once a week, but this has been the best supplementary product I have ever tried.

4.       Crème Eggs
Nail Polish: Vested Interest by Essie
 So here’s the thing: years ago, these used to be peanut/nut free in Canada and then one year, they weren’t. As it is the Easter season, Crème Eggs have been popping up all over. Out of curiosity, I picked one up here and read the label, and much to my surprise, IT IS SAFE. I have been buying these whatever chance I get, and I regret nothing. I may have already had one this morning, and I'm already considering having another.

5.       Straightener Curls
Yes, this is possible. My hair dresser used to do this in my hair, and I couldn’t never figure out how to do it. A while ago, I did it by accident, and I discovered that you need to have a straightening iron that is slightly curved on the edges. This month, I have been trying to do my hair as much as possible. I have thin hair, and these curls actually stay in all day. Sometimes, I’ll curl it in bigger chunks to create more of a wave. This is now my favourite way to do my hair.

This upcoming March looks like it’s going to be busy. I have a couple papers due, it’s my birthday, some friends from last term are visiting me to celebrate, I’m going away for Easter weekend, and I have a two day trip to York planned. I am so excited for all this busy-ness to start, and I bet next month’s favourites will be chock full of exciting things!

What have you been up to this month?


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