Workplace Health Hacks

If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If being a little healthier was one of your New Year’s resolutions and you’ve already forgotten about it, consider this post your opportunity for a resolutions- reboot. The people at understand how hard it is to stay healthy in the workplace, and they have given me the opportunity to share my own tips with you.

1.       Pack your own lunch.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen into the issue where it’s just easier to grab a sandwich or muffin for lunch instead of packing my own. I’m the kind of person that will see the chocolate bar and get it just because it’s convenient. You’ll be a lot healthier in packing your own lunch. Giving yourself one option makes it easier to stick to being healthy in the workplace. Make sure you pack it the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning!

2.       Take time to yourself.

Yes, you are at work to work, but if you’re not taking care of yourself, then it’s not good for your overall mental health which has a way of affecting your physical health and work habits. If you have a busy day, just five minutes to relax and do your own thing could alter your overall perspective on your day. If you can’t find the time to refocus during the day, make sure you do it before or after work. My dad works out every day at lunch.  My aunt listens to books on her trek to work. I do a face mask right when I get home to refresh and give myself time to relax. Find a tool that works for you and stick it out!

3.       Socialize when you can.

I find that when I don’t get social time, I go a bit stir-crazy. Socializing is definitely healthy for you and helps you focus. Talk to a co-worker when you’re getting coffee, call your mom at lunch, carpool so you aren’t journeying home alone before and after work. Even if it’s a small conversation, it can help your mind gain positive energy.

4.       Stay Hydrated

Do you ever find that when you’re at a restaurant where they’re quick to fill up your glass with water, you end up drinking a lot more water than you typically would? It’s all about convenience. It is so easy to buy a water bottle to keep at your desk. It’s there all day, so you can casually sip from it and stay hydrated as the day goes on. If you don’t like how plain it is, add some lemon or fruit to it and stick it in the fridge when you’re packing your lunch the night before.

5.       Take a walk.

This goes great with number two. If you have some time at lunch, go outside and take a walk. If there’s a great coffee place around the corner, get to work early so you can take a walk before work even starts. If you take the bus, get off a stop or two early to get some extra walking distance. By getting your blood flowing and staying active with a little bit of exercise, you’re keeping yourself motivated, and it’s not a big deal to take a small walk every day.

6.       Keep healthy snacks handy. has some great tips about healthy snacking. Just like bringing your lunch, it’s easier to eat healthier snacks when they’re on hand. Bring baggies or containers of dried snacks like nuts or trail mix to satisfy your hunger in between meals. Snacks don’t have to be boring, and has brilliant ideas about how to jazz up your snacking life. If it tastes good and satisfies your tummy, then maybe those trips to the vending machine won’t happen as much.

7.       Take the stairs.

Stairs suck. I know it, you know, we all know it, but the thing is, it gets easier. You don’t need to walk up several flights of stairs to get what you need out of the excursion. I live on the fourth floor of my elevator-less flat, and I’ve been forced to take the stairs since September. It has become so much easier to get up those stairs every day. It actually inspired me to start taking to stairs to the third floor for one of my seminars. Taking the stairs may seem daunting and unnecessarily sweaty at first, but go at your own pace, and it will become easier. I promise!

If you’re healthy in your everyday life, and you carry that on to your workplace, your work day will most likely be better in general. Being healthy means less sick days that make you lose momentum and a focused mind to optimize work time. knows how difficult it is, and they want to help you stay healthy. Check out their website, and you’ll find even more ideas for healthy eating outside the workplace including recipes and information on their products. They cater to lifestyles of all kinds including paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and high protein. You can find snacks to suit your sweet tooth, caffeine addiction, and baking needs.
How do you stay healthy at work?

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