Why You Should Journal

I love journals - I always have. I’ve always written in journals, but I don’t think I’ve finished one in a while. On Tuesday, I finished the most gorgeous journal I’ve ever owned. My best friend Julia gave it to me the night before I left Canada as a going away gift. Throughout, she wrote the sweetest notes that seemed to come at the right time. For example, I came across “keep going” when I was having a bad day stuck with some people I wanted to get away from. I came across “smile” when I was in a mess of frustration induced tears. On the last page of the journal, she wrote the nicest message that gives me strength on bad days. This journal was specifically for my adventures in Leeds, and I managed to cover the first 188 days of my journey. I’ve certainly struggled to write every day in the past, but I’ve now come into the habit of writing every day. I don’t want to forget anything about my time in Leeds.

Leather- bound Journal
To me, journaling has always been my way to vent and write out the thoughts I’m too scared to admit out loud. On a regular day, I write about two pages, but if I’m upset, I’ll write four pages straight. Journaling has been a tool for me to work through issues on my own. It has been a form of growth in my personal life. I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never had one person to tell everything to, so journaling has been a vice in that sense. When I was younger, I think I wrote every time I was angry at my parents. It has clearly been an important form of expression in my personal life. I think the best part of journals is looking back at the old ones that bring back old memories or ways of thinking. With journaling, you preserve a piece of yourself within the pages.

Parker Pen and my new Journal
I tend to write full sentences without much structure to the layout. My sister keeps a journal of emotions. Some people keep dream journals. Some people have journals where you write a sentence a day. Whatever works for you, do it! Ms. Coumans is the most influential teacher I had, and one of the most memorable moments of her class in grade nine was when she read us a bit of her journal from university. It was a special moment for me because I kept a journal back then too. I have started a new journal since Tuesday, and I was so excited to begin a new book and continue to record my experience. This one was also a going away gift, so it means a lot to be able to write in it. I think it’s important to keep memories safe and private in a world where everyone feels the need to share everything. I think journaling is a good way to keep in touch with yourself. It’s a way for the present you to reach out to future you.

Do you journal?


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