Eyam, Spurn Point, and Potteric Carr

This is a full blown post about the three day trips I went on. I’m excited to share, so I’m just going full steam ahead!


Eyam is what is called a plague village. It is the only place in northern England where the plague was recorded. It was spread by a cloth that came from London. Once there were a few cases, the town ended up closing itself off in order to keep the disease contained. They lost many of their citizens, but it did not spread any further than that. This is the location of a gravesite for a family. One of their relatives had to bury too many of them in one week.

The surrounding area is stunning. It’s so hard to believe what happened there. There are so many stories about the plague and how the village got by. They have stories about the people who lived there and how they got supplies to their people. I’m a huge fan of history, so this was a great mini trip that took only a few hours.

Spurn Point

This is one of the places that Matt works with. Spurn Point is a major geographical area. The lighthouse was fun to explore. The stairs are quite steep, but there are some cool exhibits within the rooms. There was an art exhibit which was an unexpected surprise.

Spurn housed army barracks, so it was interesting to learn about that history. We went on the Unimoq tour which was really fun. The tires were almost as big as me! The tour guide told us some interesting things about the location. I had a great time on this trip. It’s not something I would typically do, so it was a nice change of pace.

Potteric Carr

Similar to Spurn, this was all about nature. It was pouring down, so we chose to take a shorter walk. This wildlife reserve is full of birds and bugs, so we came on the worst possible day. The birds and bugs aren’t what we’re interested in, but we enjoyed the scenery.

This is a great place for a walk. There are so many routes to take that have varying times. We would have loved to take a longer walk, but it was nice to do a short one. I would love to go back to this in the future on a better day when we can see more nature and not worry about getting soaked.
There are my three day trips. I have regularly scheduled posts for next week, but the week after will be sharing the two big trips.

What do you prefer on vacation – nature or more tourist-y things like museums and history? 


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