I’m going to start this off by saying you should be impressed that I kept up with all of my regular postings while I was gone. My original intention for these travel posts was to split things up by week. However, I had a great time. I need to dedicate more posts to match up with that amount of pictures I took! I went to so many places – some new, some old – and I am excited to share everything with you all!

Most of my trip was based in Sheffield. First of all, just look at how pretty it is. I went on a lot of walks with stunning views like this. I got to meet one of Matt’s friends, and we went to a great pub and the guys played pool.

One day, we had a little tourist day and went to Kelham Island. There is a cool Industrial museum there that outlines Sheffield’s history from the beginning of time (pretty much). For anyone who doesn’t know, Sheffield was a major steel city. It was heavily bombed during wars. There was actually a room that had the sounds of airplanes flying over. It was realistic, and I was actually scared. There were some other cool things in there like cars and bicycles that were manufactured in Sheffield.

The most interesting part of the museum was the River Don Engine. It is the most powerful still working steam engine in Britain. There are a couple other ones in different parts of the world (Russia and China maybe?), so it’s lucky that we got to see it. We also got to see it go. I was so surprised at how fast it went. It was a really cool experience.

Matt really enjoyed the museum because he got to learn more of the history of where he’s from. I really enjoyed the experience as well. The museum seems to be out of the way from where we approached it (we took the tram in). There were also volunteers around that were friendly and informative.

If you’ve ever been to Kelham Island Museum, let me know in the comments!


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