The Brontë Parsonage

Well, we’ve reached the final installment of my England travel series. At this point, I don’t even know what I will be writing about next week. I saved the best for last. I have wanted to go on this trip ever since I took a seminar course on the Brontës. I lucked out because an English friend of mine happened to be in England at the same time as me. We decided to meet up and do this trip together!
Haworth is where the Brontës lived for most of their life. Haworth itself is picture-esque, and we grew more and more excited as we approached the parsonage.

 An incredible amount of care is taken to make sure the parsonage is replicated as close to what it was when the Brontës actually lived there. They have everything down to the wallpaper. It is amazing.

There were a few extremely nerdy parts of this walk through. For example, this blurry picture is their table where an E is carved in the surface. E as in Emily Brontë. As in, Emily Brontë carved this. AH!

A really cool thing we got to take part in was a transcript project. Wuthering Heights is the only novel where the original manuscript wasn’t found. An artist has set up an opportunity for visitors of the parsonage museum to write a line of the novel. Essentially, we’re writing our own transcript.

Another nerdy moment is the handkerchief stained with Anne Brontë’s blood. I realized it’s kind of creepy, but I still became excited about it.

The biggest point on our list was to do the hike up to Wuthering Heights. It’s called Top Withins. The midway point is the Brontë waterfall. The waterfall isn’t all that impressive, but it makes for a great rest stop on this 12km hike up and down the hills.

Finally, we made it. It was so wonderful. Now, there are buildings that match the home in Wuthering Heights more accurately, but once you stand up there, you know that this is the spot Emily Brontë is describing. We sat up there for a long time and read passages from the novel. Every time the wind was mentioned, the wind would pick up. I think Emily Brontë was with us that day.

This was one of the best (and nerdiest) experiences I have ever had. I am so happy to have shared this with a friend. I felt bad for Matt and that fact that he was dragged along, but he liked how enthralled we were. The walk to Top Withins was tough, but so worth it if you’re a Brontë fan. I would highly suggest this trip to anyone who wants to know a little more about the classic British women writers. I’m still happy about it.

What is the nerdiest trip you’ve ever been on?


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