Cardiff Updates

Shall I start this off with the good news? I HAVE A HOUSE! Before I get into that, I am going to start from the beginning. The entire journey here has been quite up and down.  It started in the most heartbreaking way that put a damper on the entire beginning of the trip. I met up with Ericka and Abigail in the airport, and it was all good from there. The flights themselves were alright. I caught up with Kennedy and Erin in London and we decided to take the train to Cardiff. TRAVEL TIP: Do NOT take the train with two massive suitcases. People will judge you for it. And it’s rather difficult.

Brilliant thing that happened #1: I made a friend at the train station. He’s one of the guys that blows a whistle at the train driver to tell him to go. We missed our first train, and I asked him what to take next. We got to talking, and it turns out he has been to Canada quite a few times. He gave us water bottles and upgraded us to first class! We did not belong there, and it was wonderful.

When we got to Cardiff, we talked about the living situation with Ericka and Abigail. They had been there earlier than us, and they had no luck with finding a place. They were all too expensive and underwhelming. As a result, we all decided to live together. Day one of flat finding was promising. We had a couple good options. We had more viewings booked today, and it was perfect. We found the most amazing place for the best deal. This was the most stressful part of coming people.

Last night, we found the cocktails!

Today, we went out for celebratory drinks.

All in all, here is what I have learned:

1)      Not everything is going to work out the way you expected it to.
2)      But sometimes, it all works out in the most perfect way.
3)      Jet-lag and lack of sleep contributes to irritability.
4)      Being Canadian gets you free things.

Stay tuned for pictures of the new place! I cannot wait to stop living out of suitcases. I’m not even 100% I’ll be able to find enough underwear to last me until Wednesday.



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