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*this post is not affiliated with Glossybox in any way (although, not opposed to a partnership)

Confession: Before this year, I had never participated in a subscription box. I always wanted to, but it never seemed to happen. They always seemed too expensive or not my taste. When I heard about Glossybox, I jumped at the opportunity.

You can choose between three months, a year, and a single month. The singles cost only £10 and includes 5 beauty items. To me, that seems so perfect. I’ve received five boxes from them, so I’ve put together mini-reviews of the products that were in the boxes from February-April.


-          Ciate London Gelology & Paint Pots
-          Steve Laurent Nude Pop Lip Tint
-          Studio10Beauty Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion
-          Skin Chemists London 24 Hour Facial Serum
-          Sleek Makeup Divine Eyeshadow Palette

Good products: I think I painted my nails with the Ciate London nail polish the same day I got it. It does have the gel-like look about it, and it stayed on for quite a lot of time! Really impressive! My favourite by far was the lip tint. I have it in my purse as a go-to moisturizing lip tint. The colour on me is subtle, and it keeps my lips moist even when the colour fades. The mist was okay. My friend says I don’t wear enough makeup for it to make a difference. I LOVE the facial serum. I was using it as a moisturizer for a while, and it kept my skin soft all day without getting it oily.

Not so Good Products: The eyeshadow palette I got was really dark. For someone just getting into makeup, it didn’t work. Even for someone who does like makeup, it wouldn’t be of use unless you go for something dramatic every day.

Products I couldn’t use: None in this box!

Worth it? Yes! I use all of these products now (even the eyeshadow for nights out). The box is worth over its price, and I make good use of everything in it.


-          Mudmasky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask
-          Oryza Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick
-          Figs and Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD+
-          Decleaor Aromesssence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum
-          Make Up Drop Silicone Sponge

Not so Good Products: The lipstick made me look like I had no lips (see picture to the right). Enough said.

Products I couldn’t Use: The mask and the oil serum had nut products in them.

Worth It? Meh. Price-wise, it was still over £10 even without the three items. This box wasn’t as worth it.


-          Karl Lagerfeld Modelco Baked Blush in Light Beige
-          Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm
-          Affect Cosmetics Matt Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder
-          Eyeko London FAT Liquid Eyeliner
-          Modellauncher Safari Bronzer

Good Products: The blush, rice powder, and lip balm are all part of my everyday routines now. I didn’t think I would like the Carmex brand, but it’s one of the best things I’ve received so far.

Not so Good Products: The eyeliner is super thick. I have hooded eyelids (or so I’ve been told), so the eyeliner barely shows. I like how easy it is to use, but it just didn’t work for me.

Products I couldn’t Use: The bronzer smashed in the mail.

Worth It? Definitely! I’d probably be using the bronzer now if it hadn’t broken. This was the best box.

So is Glossybox worth it?

Cons: If you have any allergies, the value of the boxes will certainly go down. My biggest issue with this company is its cancellation. I wanted to try ONE box and then got roped into two others because I didn’t cancel the “auto-renew” on time. I’m still not sure when you’re supposed to do it to stop the subscription. I think if you get a lot of boxed in succession, you also get repeat products. I have two more boxes that I’ve barely tested because I haven’t used up other things yet.

Pros: You cannot beat the price at all. Even with boxed of item I can’t use, every one has been worth more than what I paid for it. You can discover loads of new beauty brands – including brands you can’t normally afford! If you like a product, they often give you discount codes to buy it in the future. You can chances to get free boxes through filling out surveys and referrals to friends (you can use my code here:

I think it’s definitely something to try. I’ll be subscribing to it again in the future for sure. Let me know what you think!



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